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  1. Ok, I'll declare them before the function, Thanks
  2. You know, just as I posted that I thought, "I know how to fix that," At the beginning of the code (before 'main') i added : TEntity Tailgate; Then when I load the model instead of TEntity TailGate=LoadModel("TailGate.gmf"); I just used : TailGate=LoadModel("TailGate.gmf");!!!! And it works fine....(I feel stupid) Thanks though!!
  3. Here's The code I'm using, Everything else works fine. It just doesn't know what 'TailGate' is, #include "engine.h" void UdateTailGate(void); int TailGateAngle=0; int TailGateStatus=0; int main(int argc,char** argv) { Initialize(); Graphics(1024,768); CreateWorld(); TEntity MainCam=CreateCamera(); PositionEntity(MainCam,Vec3(0,6,-7)); RotateEntity(MainCam,Vec3(30,0,0)); TLight MainLight=CreateSpotLight(20.0); TLight MainLight2=CreateSpotLight(20.0); PositionEntity(MainLight,Vec3(0,12,6)); PositionEntity(MainLight2,Vec3(0,12,-6)); SetShadowmapSize(MainLight,2000);
  4. Ahhh, really? That'd explain a few problems... Thanks carlb! So is this global Entity problem only with 2010 you think? Or its got nothing to do with it?
  5. I'm using C++ 2010, and I'm trying to make a function to rotate a car door, but the door model is loaded in the "main" function so that makes it local only to that function right? How do I get other functions to recognize it too? I've tried Initializing, setting up the graphics and loading the door before "main", but it doesn't work... Any suggestions? (I'm rather new to both C++ and LeadWerks) Thanks
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