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  1. I hope that turbo has some sort of tool development framework using the editor gui in c++ so that we can create our custom tools for the type of game we need and our editor tool can help us speed up the development process, I think turbo's speed should not only be limited to performance as sales pitch, it should also be linked to speedup of development processes, and the editor toolkit can be a good indicator towards it. This editor tool development system might be linked to plugin system. I am pretty new to leadwerks just purchased it this past saturday and on one day of use, I think this is
  2. Basically lights emitting from the mesh shape and accurately reflecting on the surfaces, like the following examples, https://blogs.unity3d.com/2017/07/21/real-time-line-and-disk-light-shading-with-linearly-transformed-cosines/
  3. Looking Nice, just my two cents dont you think that there should be gaps btw the reflection rects as seen in the light strip. Also do you have plans of implementing area lights in the turbo engine?
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