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  1. When I connect the second monitor to the computer and start Leadwerks I get the message EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION. If you turn off the second monitor, then there is no problem. Can I do something? Or forget about the second monitor in Leadwerks? I also think I need to clarify, I have a separate video card for each monitor, that is, I have 2 R9 280x video cards. And monitors of different sizes.
  2. But if you read it carefully, you will see that I have Windows 8.1. The problem is not that I don’t know how to take screenshots, but that it just saves a black image where I don’t see anything, but there is no such problem in other places.
  3. Well, yes, but what else could be obtained for such money, ok, thanks!
  4. But I don’t even use textures, and if I set lower quality then which textures I wouldn’t use, they look bad, and what textures should be in order to occupy almost 2Gb GRAM? In other engines there are no such problems at the best quality.
  5. Terrane size minimum 256x256. If you set the minimum quality of the terrain, then no more than 300Mb is used, but if you set the high, then it reaches 1900Mb. I tried to take screenshots, but there are also problems, I get a black image. I check through MSI Afterburner
  6. Terrain uses more than 1700mb GRAM I have such a problem! I create an empty scene, create a player and a flat terrain without any textures, save, turn off the engine for freeing resources, launch it, and see that this scene uses more than 1700 MB of graphics memory. Can anyone say how this can be, how does a flat terrain without so much texture use so much memory? System: Dell t5500 Xeon X5650 6/12 24 GB RAM Radeon R9 270x 2gb GRAM Everything is on the SSD of Windows 8.1
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