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  1. Hi there team!! Hi there Reepblue!! I'm working on my project trying to make this idea. Using WOBBLE.SHADER effect only underwater... But i don't know how check if the camera is below the world's water level. And more less how apply or remove effect by code... Any clue so I can get it??? This is the starting design for my idea:
  2. Thanks for your answers!! I will study all of them, for make my platform turn face of motion. I'm little confuse about how use of all those entities in learn page wiki, but i will manage to success this question about the platform. I don't know if I'll get it. But if I succeeded, I will post it here my solution. Many thanks team!! I am very proud and satisfied of the people in this forum. ☺️☺️☺️☺️
  3. Josh here the download with an example of my problem (or leadwerks bug). DOWNLOAD CAMERA TEST Inside you have 2 folders. The project with the camera and the texture target for the render. From Leadwerks works OK. The Standalone publish of the project. Texture appears AQUA without camera render. As I said in this thread, i don't use any script for the Camera. Only Leadwerks functionality. I don't know if i need something more, or is a Leadwerks bug at this moment... Thank for your help. ☺️
  4. I will prepare files and give you download link. Thanks. ☺️
  5. Thanks for your answer Marcousik. I don't use any script for my camera. I only put the CAMERA entity focusing an area. I use the option RENDER TARGET selecting my texture like this: camaratexturarender.tex is my AQUA texture for receive the images from camera. But I don't use any script for this... So... At this moment this option is bugged on Leadwerks exporting the STANDALONE version??? I will read the thread you give me with the info of the minimap of Macklebee for take any idea to solve my problem. But at this moment I think i will take 3-6 pictures with timers to simulate the camera effect i need. I only want to show the Portal Vortex appearing before the full activation. As a i said, running my game from Leadwerks the camera works OK and render image on my texture. This is what we should view in the STANDALONE version: If anyone has another idea with this, it will be welcome.☺️
  6. Yes, i've checked it and the texture is fully loaded in the exported Standalone version (inside the encripted Zip file generated by Leadwerks on the export). You can see it in the screenshot i've attached. Is that AQUA texture that appears in the Screenshots.
  7. Hi there @Josh, do you know if this is a bug, or i need something more for the Standalone publish?? Running from leadwerks works, ok, but from Standalone doesn't...
  8. In my game i created a "security camera" here: Renderized on AQUA texture i've created. All works ok when i RUN THE MAP from Leadwerks: Camera runs ok, and it shows all movements in that area... But, when i PUBLISH STANDALONE version to make a full TEST outside the engine, the image of the camera doesn't appear on the screen. Like this: Anyone knows why is this?? I have searched hire in the forums and Google, but i can't find a solution to my problem Thank you very much!!
  9. I think this is the part of the platform code i need to put the POINT code entity (last part of this code between comments): function Script:SetTarget(newTarget) self.currentPosition = self.entity:GetPosition() self.originPosition = self.entity:GetPosition() self.targetPosition = newTarget:GetPosition() self.distance = self.originPosition:DistanceToPoint(self.targetPosition) self.target = newTarget local pos = self.entity:GetPosition(true) local targetpos = self.target:GetPosition(true) local pin = pos - targetpos self.distance = pin:Length() pin = pin:Normalize() if self.joint then self.joint:DisableMotor() self.joint:Release() end self.joint=Joint:Slider(targetpos.x,targetpos.y,targetpos.z,pin.x,pin.y,pin.z,self.entity,nil) self.joint:EnableMotor() self.joint:SetMotorSpeed(self.speed) self.joint:SetAngle(-self.distance) --Here i think is needed Point code to turn my platform face direction of motion: self.Transform:Point(targetpos.x,targetpos.y,targetpos.z,nil,model) --Don't know what parameters i need to platform FACE up direction to the pivot waypoint... end Thanks in advance for your help!!
  10. I'm testing this with this example platform (The red face should always go to the front, but it doesn't😞 I don't know how solve my case of how platform turn face direction of motion and i don't understand "Point" entity sintax to help me with this... In other engines, like valve's Hammer, we have this option: In Leadwerks is anything like that or a code for Moving Platforms?
  11. I tried to understand this entity "Point". I have done the example with the blue box... But i don't know how works or how apply this entity to my moving platform. I'm reading other post in the forum about how use this "point", but i don't understand how use it anyway... 😕😕😕😕
  12. Hello again... I'm working on a last map for showing CREDITS about my game. I will use a camera attached to a moving platform, using platform.lua and platformwaypoint.lua for the points of the trip. And the idea is the camera move across the map where the credits are exposed... I have designed the trip, and the platform with the camera attached on it moves ok. But I have an important question about a problem whose the solution I have not been able to find in the forums, neiher looking on Google... Is there a way (or command) with which I can make the moving platform turn in the direction that is moving? Like something moving always "Face of motion". At this moment, when the platform turn left or right on the next waypoints, the platform still looking in the same direction. And the camera attached on it too. I want the platform turn in face of motion. ¿Is possible?
  13. With your help and the line code for SHOWING/HIDING entities (and many timers), i have finished my own "Galaxy Teleport System" or with Copyright name "Stargate" system. 🤣 This is the result of 2 days work: Many thanks again havenphillip!!
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