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  1. DEV Diary Chapter 4 - (Hidden Secret on level 2) Dragon Radar functional improvement:
  2. Many thanks!! Finally works for me in my code: --Declaramos y Guardamos la distancia entre los 2 objetos que nos interesan. local Distancia= self.Objeto1:GetPosition():DistanceToPoint(self.Objeto2:GetPosition()) --Declaramos y redondeamos la distancia anterior para quitar los decimales. local DistanciaRedonda=Math:Round(Distancia) "Math:" was the command I needed to get "Round()" working on "Distancia" variable. Many thanks!!
  3. Hello team!! I'm trying to ROUND a large decimal value obtained from DistanteToPoint: self.Object1:GetPosition():DistanceToPoint(self.Object2:GetPosition()) This is my line to obtain the distance that i show on screen with DrawText. But i don't know how encode or use Round() function to Round the value obtained from DistanceToPoint. I imagine it will be a simple line, but boy I am unable to code it. Many thanks!!
  4. Ok!! Now i have reached one satisfiying solution!!! With one more test i have solved my problems without use a duplicated script with another "FrameTexture2" variable. This 3 lines of CONTEXT in PostRender really solve my problem in this Poltergeist map maintaining the good functionality of the rest of the maps: function Script:PostRender(context) context:SetBlendMode(Blend.Alpha) context:SetColor(Vec4(1, 1, 1, 1)) --[[Block code of FRAMETEXTURE different uses]]-- context:SetBlendMode(Blend.Solid) end I don't fully understand why the translucent images originated only in this
  5. I have solve my Poltergeist team!!! After many, many, many tests, I have discovered that the problem of my translucent textures in the only map where I get the error is derived from the INTENSIVE use of a VARIABLE "FrameTexture" that I use to display ALL the HUD images in relation to to CARRY OBJECTS WITH OUR HANDS ... I control the entire HUD with "FrameTexture" variable, and it's possible that its use in that map is possibly saturated with the evolved idea of Marcousik. I think this is why I see all the DrawImage textures badly on the screen in that map: if frametexture ~= Tex
  6. Yeah, i tried. And the backup shows the images ok. But there are to much changes to use it. I'm afraid that I don't have more choices in this moment. In next days I will make all the new changes to the backup. ๐Ÿ˜ญ But that's better than losing all the work. Thanks Marcousik.
  7. Hello again team!! See if you can help me with a Poltergeist that has suddenly appeared on one of the maps in my game. I use a Script to display images on the screen using "context: DrawImage". Until yesterday the images were showing me correctly on the screen. As I show in the following image: But today, as I continue working with the map, the textures appear like this. Translucent and in a gray color: The only change i have made to the map since yesterday has been to add 3 ship models and animate them with 3 platforms. I use the same Script to
  8. I can not believe it!! It works !! By simply writing them like this and COMMENT them, it works for me!! Do you know the amount of f***ing boxes with the textures that I have had to create throughout the 19 damn maps of FotoMuseo so that I don't get the assert error??? Now I can remove them and with a commented line of code for each of the .tex that I load on the screen along the game is enough!! Many thanks team!!!
  9. If i use this line of code: --frametexture=Texture:Load("Materials/MisTexturas/Dialogos/Dialogo1.tex") --frametexture=Texture:Load("Materials/MisTexturas/Dialogos/Dialogo2.tex") --frametexture=Texture:Load("Materials/MisTexturas/Dialogos/Dialogo3.tex") --frametexture=Texture:Load("Materials/MisTexturas/Dialogos/Dialogo4.tex") --frametexture=Texture:Load("Materials/MisTexturas/Dialogos/Dialogo5.tex") --frametexture=Texture:Load("Materials/MisTexturas/Dialogos/Dialogo6.tex") --frametexture=Texture:Load("Materials/MisTexturas/Dialogos/Dialogo7.tex") --frametexture=Texture:Load("Materials/MisT
  10. Kaixo Ttiki!! Do you finally solve this problem? It also happened to me and I had to solve it by loading the textures on the faces of several BOXES (out of the player view) to solve the problem and for "only used files" option to put the files in the zips in the Standalone publish. But if you have achieved/solve this through code, could you tell me how you have done it? I don't quite understand what you said @Josh in this line: But i'm sure will be useful to me once I know how to write that example of code. How do I solve this problem using code? How h
  11. DEV Diary Chapter 3 (Before and After) ๐Ÿ˜„:
  12. BEFORE and AFTER of the grass on Level 1 - Tutorials. Thanks again @Josh! Cheers!!
  13. Love you one more time Josh!! Here the shaders i need for my own Grass (Painted my own, or taken with my camera) works: Here the result with painted grass: Many many thanks!!!
  14. Hello team!! I'm trying to create my own grass model for Vegetation tool. I've got NATURE PACK and i love it with all it's stuff. But now i want to create my own grass model based on one garden i love and i've taken photos to it. i have one problem and i don't know how search it to find the answer... HERE: With the camera going FAR my grass appear after use it on VEGETATION TOOL. But when the cรกmera goes near: Grass dissapears... With the camera close to it (or PLAYING the map on FIRST PERSON view): Grass doesn't appear... It
  15. Second chapter the Stargate Earthgate DHD calling system...
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