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  1. I'm very excited!!

    FotoMuseo 3D; my first 3D game (after Left 4 SGC campaign for Left 4 Dead 2 with done with Hammer) done with Leadwerks; has been published on Steam.


    I have thanked the people on the forum (in ending credits map) for the support and help received with my threads here.

    I am really really excited about this!!


    Now, i will be working on new maps on FotoMuseo 3D for the new Expos that will arribe...

    Thank you very much team!!!

    1. Marcousik


      Congrats! So this is a game to share own fotos all over thé world in a kind of museum where you can visit other players gallery, right?? Idea is great, should much much people use this, could be so nice!

    2. Russell


      Many thanks @Marcousik!!

      That idea is great, but it's not really the concept that I have described on the Steam Store page of FotoMuseo 3D.
      As I have described, it's an Exploration Walking Simulator where, me; as a photographer; I will publish and update new maps and expos with different photos of my photographic work.

      This text in the Steam Store Page: "FotoMuseo 3D is one of the customizable Games (AIM) with your photos on demand in the catalog at JonatanFoto Catalog" ------ Describes one of the services I offer at my job at JonatanFoto. The chance to request your own personalized game inside the Catalog on JonatanFoto.

      Anyway, the incentive of the game in Steam is not only the exhibition and visit of my own works inside Photography and Multimedia Works. The real incentive for a player is that I'm creating little puzzles and secret areas that we will find if we explore the maps.

      We will find secret areas like this Dragon Ball tribute:


      Or one 3D model tribute to KNIGHT RIDER. 😁

      The other idea and incentive of play my FotoMuseo 3D is:

      Whoever already has their copy of FotoMuseo 3D, will have free access to the new content i will create in the future, without having to create any additional DLC.

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