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  1. #code

    player entity

    Hello, tell me how to get the entity of the player?
  2. #code


    Hi! Could you tell me please, as eliminate failure wheels?
  3. #code


    I do not even see the error, the game just crashes.
  4. #code


    Hi. I'm still trying to create a vehicle. I seem to have made it from the example of the workshop, but when I want to get on the bus, an error appears, something about nil value. I am waiting for help, I attach the project. https://yadi.sk/d/b77bSHYwp-EgHQ
  5. #code


    Hi. I want to make a managed vehicle, but found no examples other than what lies in the REFERENCE API. Please tell me how to implement it if I have an FBX model with a body and four separate wheels.
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