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  1. Thank you very much, it helped a lot! Hope so!
  2. yeah back in the days it was part of Germany but after WW2 it became part of Russia, cause of huge WW2 damage the city still has a lot of abandoned 1900s buildings, we used to visit such places and now decided to make a game which will take place in those buildings.
  3. Your engine seems awesome! Amazing job! Thank you in advance!
  4. Also, is there any way to make 3d text withing the program?
  5. Hello! We are very small studio from Kaliningrad (former Konigsberg). And we would like to use your engine for our future games and videos. We have steam license with all DLC. Especially we liked The Zone DLC. May we use all those DLCs in our projects? What credits we should give? Should we credit Leadwerks in menu or somewhere else? Also if we decide to make a Video or Picture with your Engine, should we credit everyone? Currently, we are working on a game in P.T style, in our City we have a lot of old buildings, they are really creepy. Please tell us if this possible to make such game on your engine! Sorry for our English! Thanks for your answers!
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