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  1. The errors are gone now, but basically they are like load map file faild or some complaint about the failure on dealing with .tex files. So what could be the problem? What can I do to fix them? Or maybe I can safely ignore them? Also, I've bought the professional edition, but how am I supposed to know whether it is already installed? And as to the C++ projects, are they compatible with VS 2017 Enterprise edition?
  2. Yeah, I found the DLCs in the workshop menu item and installed them, but there are still so many other questions to be asked, like the errors while installing them. I'll give them later.
  3. Hello, dear Leadwerks software! I'm a newbie and have purchased the engine several days ago. I have bought the professional edition and some other DLCs, and encountered a few problems during my experiments: 1. When I switch the model operation mode from "translation" to "rotation", the model is still surrounded by three axes and the behavior is quite strange; isn't it supposed to be enclosed by three circles instead? 2. When I begin to use terrain, the "undo" operation fails because it just ignores this operation and this is a little frustrating! 3. How am I supposed to use those downloaded DLCs? So can you please tell me what I'm supposed to do? Thank you!
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