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  1. Then the temporary solution is to replace the file "fbx2mdl.exe" in the folder "Tools" with the file "fbx2mdl_old.exe". Thank you for your answer. It helped me a lot.
  2. Hello, everybody. I have a small problem with my .fbx models in Leadwerks tree hierarchy. For general understanding. I create most of my models either with the program kHED or Milkshape, whereby I mostly add textures to the models created in Milkshape in kHED. I have the possibility to export .fbx models in kHED, but Leadwerks reports an "Unknown chunk in model file" error during import. Therefore I use Blender. In kHED I save the model as .obj file, import it into Blender and export it as .fbx file. Reading and further processing in Leadwerks is no problem. However, I noticed that the demo models / prefabs created by Leadwerks are only displayed as single files in the overview (for example "control panel"). However, the .fbx models imported by me are displayed in the tree hierarchy for example (even with simple boxes) as + box_first_help -- box_first_help Can any of you help me out and tell me where my mistake is? Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator ;)
  3. Thanks for your support. @mdgunn Yep. The turquoise meshes are not visible when testing the demo "AI and Events.map". @Genebris Thanks for the link. Now I know exactly what they mean. I read the documentation several times when I bought the program, but I forgot some things.
  4. Hello, everybody. Can someone please briefly explain to me what the turquoise coloured elements are good for and how I can use / select / move / delete them? With the lower ones I thought that they could be walkable areas for the AI opponents. I have no explanation for the upper ones. Thanks for the support. .~ Translated with deepl.com ~.
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