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  1. No dice on the new laptop. I need one with a "MUX" I guess. The unfortunate part is none of the manufacturers make this information available to the public. A few tech forums I was browsing said the only way to tell is if you can dictate which GPU to use in the bios. If you cant change in there, it can't be forced and will rely on the Drivers, OS and software. I am thinking of just washing my hands of it at this point. Maybe try a microAXT/ITX build that is somewhat more portable than my 75lb gaming rig. Buy the smallest case I can find and bolt on a small monitor and carry handle.πŸ€”
  2. I Got it! I had to change the side motions --Rightward Motion if self.entity:GetAirborne()==false and (window:KeyDown(Key.W) or window:KeyDown(Key.S))== false then if window:KeyDown(Key.Shift) and (window:KeyDown(Key.D) then newmode = "sr_run" self.entity:PlayAnimation("sr_jog_civ",0.03,100) elseif (window:KeyDown(Key.D) newmode = "sr_walk" self.entity:PlayAnimation("sr_walk_civ",0.02,100) else end end --Leftward Motion if self.entity:GetAirborne()==false and (window:KeyDown(Key.W) or window:KeyDown(Key.S))== false then if window:KeyDown(Key.Shift) and (window:KeyDown(Key.A) then newmode = "sl_run" self.entity:PlayAnimation("sl_jog_civ",0.03,100) elseif (window:KeyDown(Key.A) newmode = "sl_walk" self.entity:PlayAnimation("sl_walk_civ",0.02,100) else end end I don't know if this is the right way to do it. Heck, it might cause blue screens after 15 mins, but it works.
  3. Is there any issues with using non "water tight" meshes when used strictly for visuals? Lets say you have a grated floor plate that you will only ever see from one side. Would it cause visual/render anomalies if I deleted all of the polygons on the bottom side? I could save a lot of polygons this way. Thoughts?
  4. @Iris3D Games Aye, I do not think I will ever wrap my head around enough code to make a game. There is so much to soak in it would take years. I am having fun with it though. I hope to learn enough to play/test my art assets in game, but I have no illusions of creating an entire game from scratch. You never know though. I did a test changing the <^, ^> animations to ^ and it did in fact blend quite nice. Usable at least. The down side is the <V, V> are completely opposite of <, > so I can not rely on the blending. I will have to find another way to separate and dictate those functions.
  5. @gamecreator That almost did it, here is what I have now... --Idle if self.entity:GetAirborne()==false then newmode = "idle" self.entity:PlayAnimation("idle_civ",0.05) self.entity:Stop() end --Jump if self.entity:GetAirborne()==false and window:KeyDown(Key.Space) then newmode = "jump" self.entity:PlayAnimation("jump_civ",0.01,0,1) end --Falling if self.entity:GetAirborne()==true then newmode = "drop" self.entity:PlayAnimation("drop_civ",0.05) self.entity:Stop() end --Forward Motion if self.entity:GetAirborne()==false and window:KeyDown(Key.W) then if window:KeyDown(Key.Shift) and window:KeyDown(Key.D) then newmode = "fr_run" self.entity:PlayAnimation("fr_jog_civ",0.03,100) elseif window:KeyDown(Key.Shift) and window:KeyDown(Key.A) then newmode = "fl_run" self.entity:PlayAnimation("fl_jog_civ",0.03,100) elseif window:KeyDown(Key.Shift) then newmode = "f_run" self.entity:PlayAnimation("f_jog_civ",0.03,100) elseif window:KeyDown(Key.D) then newmode = "fr_walk" self.entity:PlayAnimation("fr_walk_civ",0.02,100) elseif window:KeyDown(Key.A) then newmode = "fl_walk" self.entity:PlayAnimation("fl_walk_civ",0.02,100) else newmode = "f_walk" self.entity:PlayAnimation("f_walk_civ",0.02,100) end end --Rearward Motion if self.entity:GetAirborne()==false and window:KeyDown(Key.S) then if window:KeyDown(Key.Shift) and window:KeyDown(Key.D) then newmode = "rr_run" self.entity:PlayAnimation("rr_jog_civ",0.03,100) elseif window:KeyDown(Key.Shift) and window:KeyDown(Key.A) then newmode = "rl_run" self.entity:PlayAnimation("rl_jog_civ",0.03,100) elseif window:KeyDown(Key.Shift) then newmode = "r_run" self.entity:PlayAnimation("r_jog_civ",0.03,100) elseif window:KeyDown(Key.D) then newmode = "rr_walk" self.entity:PlayAnimation("rr_walk_civ",0.02,100) elseif window:KeyDown(Key.A) then newmode = "rl_walk" self.entity:PlayAnimation("rl_walk_civ",0.02,100) else newmode = "r_walk" self.entity:PlayAnimation("r_walk_civ",0.02,100) end end --Rightward Motion if self.entity:GetAirborne()==false and window:KeyDown(Key.D) then if window:KeyDown(Key.Shift) then newmode = "sr_run" self.entity:PlayAnimation("sr_jog_civ",0.03,100) else newmode = "sr_walk" self.entity:PlayAnimation("sr_walk_civ",0.02,100) end end --Leftward Motion if self.entity:GetAirborne()==false and window:KeyDown(Key.A) then if window:KeyDown(Key.Shift) then newmode = "sl_run" self.entity:PlayAnimation("sl_jog_civ",0.03,100) else newmode = "sl_walk" self.entity:PlayAnimation("sl_walk_civ",0.02,100) end end Although I have a blending conflict issues. The < and > animations are blending with the <^, ^>, >V, V< animations and causing oddities. It is all working though. Now that I see how the <, <^ and ^ are blending I might be able to omit the <^ animation altogether. I just would rather have final say over the animation look rather than relying on the blending model. Any ideas how I can isolate those commands? @Iris3D Games Thanks bud! πŸ‘ That looks like you have a lot there. I am definitely going to study the code and what you are doing there. I don't really know enough to full understand everything yet, but once I get a better grasp of the language I am sure I will be able to wrap my head around that example.
  6. Ok, stupid question time. There are going to be a lot of these stupid questions for a while. I can read and do math, but that’s where my knowledge of code ends. 1: First and foremost, should I make a new thread for each stupid question or should I just keep them all under the same topic? 2: Now for the first stupid question. I have a nice library of animations to drive a character mesh and it is only going to get bigger. A lot bigger. I thought I had the animation calls all worked out, but I ran into an issue last night. I have eight directional animations, (16 w/sprint, 32 w/pistol, 48 w/rifle, etc.), and I can only get the first 6 to work. Any animation call after the 6th just does not seem to work. It is not the code itself as all of the calls work if they are in the first 6 operations, I think it has more to do with the lack of coding knowledge and relying on the different examples of code I have seen and replicated. The calls I am using are probably not meant to be used with so many variables. Here is some example code with extreme shorthand, but the idea is there… (I am at work, I do not have access to the real code at the moment.) if KeyDown(Key.W) then PlayAnimation(β€œ^”,0.02,100,0) end if KeyDown(Key.W) and KeyDown(Key.D) then PlayAnimation(β€œ^>”,0.02,100,0) end if KeyDown(Key.W) and KeyDown(Key.A) then PlayAnimation(β€œ^<”,0.02,100,0) end if KeyDown(Key.D) then PlayAnimation(β€œ>”,0.02,100,0) end if KeyDown(Key.A) then PlayAnimation(β€œ<”,0.02,100,0) end if KeyDown(Key.S) then PlayAnimation(β€œv”,0.02,100,0) end if KeyDown(Key.S) and KeyDown(Key.D) then PlayAnimation(β€œv>”,0.02,100,0) end if KeyDown(Key.S) and KeyDown(Key.A) then PlayAnimation(β€œv<”,0.02,100,0) end This works, but for the first 6 operations. They all work on their own, and in the first 6, but after that it breaks. Also, This is just walk. I actually have the run animations in the code as well with "if shift run else walk" attached to each. Those seem to work just as the above walks. But again, only the first 6. After that they break and refuse to play. I know I am doing it wrong, I just don’t know how to do it right. Any tips would be appreciated. This is just the tip of the iceberg, I have plenty more questions inbound, but one thing at a time.
  7. I just found a new in box previous gen laptop on clearance and ordered it. It is supposed to be the local brick and mortar Sunday for pickup. Cross your fingers gents.
  8. After getting completely side-tracked on cameras and character control over the weekend, I finally finished my jog animation. I am pretty happy with these considering I never really messed with animation until about a month ago. The arm swing needs a little adjustment, the shoulders are a little too stiff and the head is bobbing a bit too much. I am sure there is more, but this calls for fresh eyes tomorrow. It's getting there though. Edit: Removed Vids and uploaded to Youtube due to file size and to save on post clutter. Jog Animation
  9. How fortuitous. I just ran into this issue myself. Thanks for the script mac!
  10. The laptop I used had the three options in the nVidia Control Panel along with a context option of "run this application with high performance nVidia GPU" in the windows environment. There was also a new Windows 10 option just added that also supposedly gave you the option to switch which GPU it should use by application. None of it worked as advertised. The only time those options worked was when the application in question supported any of those options to begin with. Again, I am not sure if it was a driver issue or the new GPU architecture, but there just was no control over which GPU you could use on a lot of applications I tried. The drivers were locked down by the manufacturer as well. Consequently, I could not try any of the newer divers from nVidia to see if it made a difference. Anyway, I do not think this is a Leadwerks issue. Even if it was, requiring "software support" to manage hardware outside of the OS is not only idiotic, but completely unnecessary and asking for trouble.
  11. Ha, right under my nose it seems. This is where I was looking... https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=Tutorials_Editor_Models-and-Animation I guess I just had a disconnect between models/animation and script. It's obvious now, but I did not even think to look there. Thanks for the heads up, this will make my life a lot easier.
  12. Thanks bud. I have most of the unarmed motion animations complete. I have also modeled a little something to test the next stage of animations. No texture yet, but I am not sure what kind of camera I want to use for the final project yet. FPS, TPS, 3/4 overhead... I am leaning towards 3/4 overhead as it will be far more forgiving when it to content creation. Since this is just a test model though, I have a FPS high detail polygon count. Who knows, I still may go that route.
  13. I looked around for this information, but had no luck finding it. In the script animation calls, there are 3 values at the end of the string. Through trial and error I think I figured most of it out, although it does not make much sense. The first value seems to be playback speed. The question I have is how does this calculate? I have an animation set to 30 frames a second in the model, but in engine I have to set it to a value of 0.02 to look right? What is the equation here? The second number, I am guessing is the frame count? Shouldn't this be set by the animation though? I have even seen a third value on a few strings, but I have not figured out what this does, or if it is even required. Sorry for the stupid questions, but this does not seem to be documented anywhere.
  14. Thanks Josh! Well, I imported the model with a few test animations in the game engine. That was a no brainer. I spent FAR too long trying to get a 3rd person camera to work though. I went through a few different tutorials and the idea was to learn the scripting language while doing something productive. Yeah, about that. Talk about a lesson in frustration. I ended up having to DL the workshop script and modifying to suit my needs. I have the code in for all of the animations I need already, just waiting on the animations themselves. Speaking of which, here is a little test footage of the walk cycle. Animation Test @ YouTube Also had a little fun with iMovie. There is no Project Nil, outside of testing that is. I am just playing around. I am not an animator by any stretch of the imagination, but for my first walk cycle I am happy with it. It is not done though, I will be tweaking things as I go.
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