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  1. I solved the problem with a global variable, but i don't know if it's the right way. I'm trying to create a menu that appears when a user click door and let the user choose a place to go (that is another map). So i did it that way: 1-I created the gui using Menu.lua as template 2-i wrote a code in the updatephysics of one object called computer that verifies if the user clicks the door (using camera:pick) and then shows the menu (that select the place to go) 3-i inserted a global variable in Main.lua called eventosGUI that stores the event while EventQueue:Peek() do local event event = EventQueue:Wait() eventosGUI = event event = gamemenu:ProcessEvent(event) end 4-then inside the updatephysics of the computer object, i compare eventosGUI.source with the button widget and if its true, i call changemapname = "name of the map" But there is another problem. The cancel button that i put at the end of the menu is acting strangelly: 1-The player clicks the door 2-the menu opens normally 3- the player clicks the cancel button 4-the menu closes 5-the player click the door for the second time 6-the menu just flashes 7-the player click the door for the third time 8-the menu opens normally So i solved this ploblem with a flag called corrigeQueue initially setted to false (but i don't know if it's the right way): if eventosGUI ~= nil then ... if eventosGUI.source == self.mudaLocalGui.botaoCancelar then if not self.corrigeQueue then self.paineldegui = false self.mouse_padrao = false self.jogador.script.modoAndar = true self.mudaLocalGui:Hide() janela:HideMouse() self.corrigeQueue = true else self.corrigeQueue = false end end eventosGUI = nil end I tried to flushkeys but it doesn't solved the problem, and i put a Debug:Assert(false, tostring(eventosGUI)) before showing the menu and it returns nil, but i know that the flashing is occurring because eventosGUI ~=nil and eventosGUI.source == self.mudaLocalGui.botaoCancelar returns true
  2. I trying to create a gui inside the game using the template in main.lua and menu.lua, but when i try to process the user response, it seems like the Main.lua take the event off the eventqueue so i connot process the event into my script. I didn't understand the logic to put the processing routine of my gui into my script.
  3. Before thinking of making a game, i'm trying to understand the multiplayer suport. I think that nowaday, a game without multiplayer is incomplete. I understand the choice for networking using steam, but i don't want make games only for publishing on steam. So i want to use the Client and Server classes even knowing the problems (there is no NAT punchtrough, but this can be solved with port forwarding or a VPN like radmin). However, i can't understand this classes because the lack of documentation for the bank data type (that i plan to use for sending information of position and rotation of objects). Can you send me the documentation of the bank data type for lua? Can i use the bankstream instead of bank on the functions of Client/Server classes? Note: I was scripting in lua because i just have the Indie Edition Sorry for my English
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