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  1. The C++ Math::Cos function seems to be broken for me? If I put in any number from 0-360, times pi divided by 180, it always comes out with something above 0.99. Wot?

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    2. wadaltmon


      Hm, didn't know it took degrees. Even so, putting in a degree value (that is, whole numbers 0-360) makes it in fact produce large numbers, the lowest of which being 4. I have no idea why this would be. Anyway, I just switched over to using the regular sin() and cos() functions, which work fine.

    3. gamecreator


      Tested it.  Works fine for me.  Make sure you provide a float or double as the argument.  For example the following all print 0.5:

      float f=60;
      double d=60;
      cout << "60.0: " << Math::Cos(60.0) << endl;
      cout << "60.0: " << Math::Cos(f) << endl;
      cout << "60.0: " << Math::Cos(d) << endl;


    4. wadaltmon


      I uninstalled and reinstalled Leadwerks, which seems to have fixed the issue (why this would have affected it, I don't have any clue).

  2. Is it possible to get a pointer to the current object(s) with which another object is colliding?

    1. JMK


      The collision function in script or in a C++ actor provides this.

  3. Bought Substance Painter to do the texturing for my game, working with that at the moment.
    Thanks to Josh for helping me get status updates working :)

    1. JMK


      Is there a sort of default scheme when PBR materials are exported?


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