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  1. Yeah that's fair enough. I just remember me looking at Unity and Unreal engine and I was so annoyed that neither of them supported C++ and C# given I am using C# as a starting language and VERY slowly learning C++ due to the complexity.
  2. The main thing people worry about (most people anyway) when they buy an engine, is the coding language. One issue I have had even with the most popular engines is the fact that I am proficient in C++ and C# yet 10/10 times I am picking between the two. Imagine if an engine had support for more languages? Theyd be the easy pick. I cant count how many times I have been coding in UE4 and said FK I wish they accepted C#, or Unity and C++. I am unsure exactly HOW difficult it would be, but adding C# support would probably give you guys more traction as the more languages you are compatible wi
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