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  1. Tried that. It happens regardless of brush size. It's happening on a brand-new, blank heightmap, no textures, no vegetation, nothing. That's what's weird about it; I've used the terrain editor in the past with blended textures, normal maps, trees, vegetation, rocks, water, etc.. and it performed smoothly. Not sure what's changed that makes it so slow and choppy again. Thank you both for the replies
  2. Hello, This is an issue that I'd had several version updates back, which went away. But now it's happening again. Basically, if I'm editing terrain with a texture on it, it gets really really laggy/choppy and it's difficult to get results I'm after because the terrain lags behind and I'm editing spots I don't mean to be, etc. I'm on Windows 10, Ryzen2600, GTX970, 16 Gigs of RAM and running on a SSD. Same hardware I was working on when it was working smoothly. Is there a way to fix that? A workaround or some such? Thanks!
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