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  1. Actually... Follow-up question... That solution works with the Camera in the scene. I've removed the camera from the scene. I'm using the character model with the FPS script attached. There's no option for it (that I see anyway) to adjust the view distance in a similar way. Sorry for what are probably daft-sounding questions, but I'm not much of a coder, and haven't had any luck finding the answer otherwise.
  2. Ah! Very helpful. Thanks! That result didn't come up with searched. Weird. Anyways, there it is. Thanks!
  3. Hello again, Simple question this time.. Is there a way to increase the draw/clip distance, either in editor, or in engine itself? I'm experimenting with a terrain editing tool (GAEA) and have imported a first terrain. Challenge is, I can't see the whole thing at once, even on a 1024x1024 map. I don't intend to necessarily keep it that way all the time. It's just for the sake of getting a sense of scale in LW for tweaking, etc. Maybe take screenshots. Is there a way to do this? Thanks!
  4. That's exactly what fixed it. So just a GUI rendering glitch. That's a relief lol. And yeah, it is a simple map. I was testing how well the corridor model tiles after saving with the 2.56m multiplier I discussed in the other thread. Also managed to work out why I wasn't seeing the light showing up in-engine. Amazing how much clearer you can approach a situation when you just go away and don't look at it for a little while.
  5. Not quite sure how to describe this other than "phantom lights" Basically, I had a series of point lights in my scene, and they refuse to disappear when deleted. And I don't understand why lol. I was originally going to ask why my mesh is lit properly in the editor, but shows up completely unlit (except by ambient) in-engine.. But then this happened. While the inside of the corridor would ordinarily be lit with the point lights there, it's not in this pic, because I'd deleted all the lights. But you can still see their icons in the editor... I don't know why I've been cursed to alw
  6. Hi all, So, I have the "world map" set up for a scene I want to create in LW. It's for a 2048x2048 size terrain (only about half of which is actually playable area; the rest is water or otherwise impassible). In any case, I'm trying to find ways to create at least a rough heightmap using the "world map" as a guide. Then I can get the heightmap into LW to further refine and edit. I tried overlaying the image directly in LW as a texture, but it only scales up to 64x and due to the way LW's terrain material works, while it looks pretty cool, it doesn't really allow me to do what I want
  7. This has turned out to be very helpful to me. I basically "rounded" the dimensions to the nearest "even number" based on increments of 2.56m. So, instead of 10 meters long, it's now 10.24. Instead of 4 meters tall, it's 5.12, and so forth. It's lining up perfectly in LW. Now I'm just contending with the issue of the material not wanting to map properly to the revised version lol.. Always something. I'll figure it out though.
  8. This video was released by Digital Foundry; a bit more of a "deep dive" into the tech we've seen so far. Appears there is still normal maps involved, but they're not bespoke. The tech seems to generate them automatically. At least that's how I understood it. Here's the vid... Besides that, my take on the demo is, like the tech demos for previous Unreal Engines, it's intended to only showcase the new tech and what it does on a spectacular level, pushed to the extremes. That is, I don't think we're going to be seeing games routinely using 30 million triangle models, o
  9. @reepblue Same settings I'm using in Blender. So weird.
  10. Is there a 2.8+ version of this? 2.8 doesn't seem to recognize the changes. If not, maybe a list of the settings to change for us to configure it ourselves?
  11. @gamecreator - I considered just doing that, but then the thought occurred to me "is this going to be necessary for every single asset I bring over?" I couldn't believe the answer could be yes lol. That's why I asked here. @Thirsty Panther I'll give that a shot. It's not ideal, but a scale reference would be helpful in any case. I'm not able to get the player or monster models to import into Blender as .obj's. Hopefully the blocks will work. Will update either way Thanks!
  12. Hello, So, working on creating a test "modular dungeon set" for Leadwerks and, upon importing my first piece, have hit a roadblock. In short, the scaling is off in LW. I've tried using the exporter for leadwerks linked on these forums, but Blender 2.8 doesn't seem to recognize it. I've also checked the scaling per forum threads, but couldn't find anything explaining this issue (also I'm pretty sure Josh said somewhere that LW should automatically address things like that now?) Anyway... pictures a worth a thousand words and all that, so here's a couple screencaps, one of the model
  13. That makes sense. Terrain editing was still laggy, so I turned it up to 4ms, and now that's working fine as well. So that's what it was all along. Awesome. Yay. Now I can actually do stuff! Thanks again!
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