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  1. I have a similar problem as well, would really like to know where this cylinder collider comes from and how to change its shape or size
  2. I Fixed it!, problem was solved by changing Camera* MyMainCam = Camera::Create(mount); to... Camera* MyMainCam = Camera::Create(); MyMainCam->SetParent(mount); not sure why this is any different but hey it works now, also it solved another problem i was having with shadows not rendering
  3. well I've narrowed it down a bit, removing the code that creates the player and camera, and simply adding a camera to the map i get a normal view of the skybox... so its definitely something in my code maybe someone can tell me if they see anything i may be doing wrong, here is the code that spawns the camera... struct GamePlayer { Camera* PLayerCam; Model* CameraMount; Model* PlayerModel; int PlayerAnimId; int currentAngle; }; GamePlayer CreateLocalPlayer2(Vec3 pos) { GamePlayer gamer; Model* Mydude = Model::Load("Models/Characters/MyDude/MyDude.mdl"); Mydude->SetPhysicsMode(Entity::CharacterPhysics); Mydude->SetCollisionType(COLLISION_CHARACTER); Mydude->SetMass(1); int animationsequence = Mydude->LoadAnimation("Models/Characters/MyDude/MyDude.mdl"); Vec3 v = pos; Mydude->SetPosition(v.x, v.y, v.z); Model* mount = Model::Create(Mydude); Camera* MyMainCam = Camera::Create(mount); MyMainCam->SetRotation(55, 180, 0); MyMainCam->SetPosition(0, 20, 5); gamer.PlayerModel = Mydude; gamer.CameraMount = mount; gamer.PlayerAnimId = animationsequence; gamer.PLayerCam = MyMainCam; return gamer; This image is with a manually added camera (in the editor), the second is when from loading the camera in code
  4. I'll have to try this when I get home from work today. however, I can't imagine why the camera range would obstruct the skybox which should be infinitely away, Any idea how far out I should set that range?
  5. Hello all, this is my first post as I am new to Leadwerks. ive been looking for hours and cant find anything on this, ive created a map in the editor and everything was fine till i added a skybox, thats when i noticed this black background. it moves with the camera, and in trying to identify what is was ive realized i can change its color with Camera->SetClearColor((0, 0, 0, 0)); but i cant make it disappear... and help on this would be greatly appreciated. also, im doing this entirely in c++ i followed this youtube video to get started https://youtu.be/Ndp1tYBS_Yc
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