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  1. I know, I'm just doing New Vegas to help develop my skills in things like blender and animation and stuff. Start out making something like a cup, then a car, then a house, village, etc... I can handle it taking a while, besides since I am upgrading what currently exists it shouldn't take as much time as starting from scratch.
  2. I see, then it should do decently well then. I noticed something called Turbo, is that stuff going to be a newer version of leadwerks or is it an entirely new engine?
  3. So I have been considering playing around with game making as a sort of hobby but have been concerned with what engine to use. With Unreal the programing aspect is lackluster, and Unity does not have all that great performance for larger games. I got this engine on a sale on steam a while ago and have started to get a little interested, but also a little warded off. From a number of reviews and whatnot on steam, there have been a number of problems stated, although those are from a few years ago. I was wondering firstly if this engine has actually fixed the problems that developers used to have with the game. Another question is in regards to linux support. I have had a variety of reports that Leadwerks does not support Linux anymore. If I want to use Leadwerks on linux or make games for linux, is that no longer possible? From looking at the game page on the site, it seems like almost all the games are very small scale. I am trying to see if I can make a sort of remaster of Fallout New Vegas with vehicles and modifiable terrain as a personal project. Is something like that possible with this engine or will there be problems with making a game of that scale?
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