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  1. So would I be able to connect a MouseDown function to each button I add for a list of items or a set up. like so: function CreateLayout() local ui --make ui frame and items --set pos in scrolling ui return ui end for i,v in pairs(player_invy) do local ui = CreateLayout() ui.ItemName = v.name ui.itemImage = v.image ui.itemqty = v.qty end function Script:MouseDown(button,x,y) Not quite sure what the button variable does as I can't seem to find a section for it. If it's what button it pressed then I can just catalog the buttons in an array and loop though?
  2. Think I'd be able to check if they have added instances to detect that with some sort of an instance added detector to see if it's actually something not added by the game on their client and then ping their client to check for network connection so if the ping is nil then I can kick them from the server for disabling the script that contains the other anti-exploit stuff to help stop it or something. That's how I set it up on my other anti-exploit I made on another game engine.
  3. Hmm, I’d need to learn more about how that works to protect against it and automatically shutdown the client for exploiting. Planning on making an MMORPG, aim bots would be easy to prevent, just track mouse movement and make sure it's not an instant jump, humans move the mouse more jagged/wavy vs a robot being perfectly straight. I've made pretty good anti-exploit on other games I've worked on in the past so I just need to figure out how they work and make some on here. Not sure if you could give some additional in site on how they would edit their invy/items so I can possibly prevent it and other exploits if possible. Edit: Sounds like I may need to log item/stat edits with a timestamp to verify it via the server, but they could mess with that too as it's all open?
  4. As for the game running on multiplayer servers are clients able to edit server stats of players and or player location? Just need to know if I need to create a anti-exploit for movement and if their able to edit the server that's not good. 😕 Just wondering about the setup or other details pertaining to this.
  5. Just wondering how i'd access a vegetation object so I can assign stats via an array and toggle visible true/false and make the tree/bush fall/hide it when a user interacts with it with an axe.
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