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  1. I've been recently invited into a small team that is currently working on a game using Leadwerks engine, to design sounds and write music. As I understand, Leadwerks uses OpenAL library for audio output. So as a sound engineer I've got a couple of questions about it's use in Leadwerks. How many audio channels are currently supported? (as in the amount of sounds playing simultaneously) Is it possible to change the number of channels in Lua, without diving into C++? OpenAL has an EFX extension that allows users to create various effects such as air absorption, reverberation, distortion etc. Right now we only need reverb. Is it possible to use such effects in the current version of Leadwerks (4.6) using Lua scripts? Our team currently uses non-professional edition and thus has no access to C++. If not, are there any plans to expose OpenAL EFX to Lua in the future? Perhaps the same way Unreal Engine has customizable reverb volumes where every sound that is played inside of it gets reverb applied to it. Thank you!
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