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  1. GTkoi

    pick up coin

    ha it's good, I found, thank you
  2. GTkoi

    pick up coin

    hello, it is possible, to place coins in my games and when you pass them, it picks them up and increases a coin counter at the top of the screen, do you know how to do that ? (code) For exemple : Mario
  3. GTkoi

    Help me PLZ !!

    thanks, I will try 😁😁
  4. GTkoi

    Help me PLZ !!

    Thanks for help, I would like change the font size to my code "text on the screen" without change font size In GUI (when I change the size in the code, it also changes the font size elsewhere, so that I do not want)
  5. GTkoi

    Help me PLZ !!

    ok but how do i change the font size of the ecape menu (in main.lua) without changing the font size of the text on the screen?
  6. GTkoi

    Help me PLZ !!

    yes, my code for timer is : Script.font = "" -- path "Font" -- use TrueType font file Script.pos = Vec2(0,30) -- Vec2 "Position" Script.size = 15 -- float "Size" Script.color = Vec4(1,1,0,1) -- color "Color" Script.offset = 20 -- int "Offset" -- make larger if numbers get cut off function Script:Start() self.font = Font:Load(self.font,self.size) if self.font == nil then Debug:Error("Select a font") end end function Script:PostRender(context) defaultFont = context:GetFont() r = self.size + self.offset w = self.pos.x + window:GetWidth()/2 - self.offset h = self.pos.y --time factor time = Time:GetCurrent()/1000 context:SetBlendMode(1) context:SetColor(self.color) context:SetFont(self.font) context:DrawText(Math:Round(time),w,h,r,r,Text.VCenter+Text.Center) context:SetFont(defaultFont) end
  7. GTkoi

    Help me PLZ !!

    I have two problem : I would like restart the timer, when I change the map ... And the seconde : When I change font size for the text on the screen, it also change the police size in the menu option, and I do not want the font of the menu changes ...
  8. Hello ,I would like a code to change the map when I press a key . Also I have delete "triggerChangeMap" for my pc and how do I do to have it again ? Thanks you 😁😁
  9. GTkoi


    Another problem, when I press escape to put the game on pause, the timer comes off the screen...
  10. GTkoi


    Hello, yes again me Is it possible to put an object (a lamp for example ) that, when you put it does light, so that it does not need to put a light spot at its location.
  11. GTkoi


    no it's good I found a another font to put, thank you for your answers ...
  12. GTkoi


    ok but, I don't have the font "brianjames.ttf " x) . So is does not work...
  13. GTkoi


    Okay, but where do I put the code? On an object?
  14. GTkoi


    Even if you explain well in writing, I would never do it, you don’t know a video that would show how to do it ? Thank you for your answers
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