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  1. Temoc

    The Zone

    I must be doing something wrong, i have "the zone.map", but it is empty. In project manager i create a new project, then in marketplace i go into workshop, select the dlc tab, and install "The Zone". I get all the assets, but "the zone.map" is empty. Sorry but i am new to leadwerks .
  2. Temoc

    The Zone

    The dlc says that theres a map they have created. I want to see that map. I know i can create one my self. quote from the dlc: "Use our ready-made map (included) to start your game".
  3. Temoc

    The Zone

    It say in the description of the dlc that theres a "ready-made map", but when i install it in a new project, i just get a empty map. I have all the models, textures, prefabs and what not, but no map. What am i doing wrong?
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