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  1. Why not give Sculptris a go, it is free! Also very small download. I love sculptris myself, easy to use, and together with 3D Coat it is pure awesome. Excelent tutorial.
  2. I skipped the 3.0 version of LE, and I am not proud of that fact. But I have moved most of my work and play over to Linux and almost gave up on LE, until Josh started the kickstarter and got me intrigued again. I paid for the 2.3 update, and I will pay for 3.2 update as well, long as Linux support stays in and the features are worth the pricepoint. The high end/powered renderer is deffinately worth a 99$ upgrade in of itself, so I just don't know why people are even discussing this. Josh need to make a living, he is creating some awesome software for us and deserves getting paid for it.
  3. This looks really really good. Hope to see more in the future
  4. Broken record or not, you earned this!
  5. This is too awesome! I am so happy to see this
  6. You will first have to make sure your model is ready to be exported, then export as FBX format. From there you can easily import models to leadwerks.
  7. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/demosdetail/snappytree/launch This is a great litle tree generator that runs directly in your browser with no addon / plugins required Just thought id share
  8. Jardar

    Snow Day

    really now, turn down the motion blur please!
  9. Dear Esther. Perhaps the prettiest "game" I have ever tried. The music draws you in and looses you in an enviroment so beautifully made, and the monologue could make any sane person mad. An experience worth having.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Jardar


      you do have some choices along the way. Left or right? Back or continue on? And whichever path you choose gives you a slightly different perspective to the story.

    3. Road Kill Kenny

      Road Kill Kenny

      Wow a total of four choices back forward left and right.... Amazing! Who ever thought of such a good idea for choice making.....

    4. Pixel Perfect

      Pixel Perfect

      still remembers: you are in a room, there is a door to the north, a door to the west and a table to the east ... types ... 'go north'

  10. I can think of at least one example of a game where a unified mesh of the trees would save some akwardness, but perhas not remove it entirely. Gothic3 had trees with intersecting branches, some trees had sway to simulate wind. The result in Gothic3 was that the trees and branches moved slightly out of sync, making it look really odd, that the branches seemed to slide around on the trunk. That is just one example of a possible implication of intersecting branches over that of a unified mesh.
  11. Honestly, I think it is a stellar idea. But it really doesnt need to be "latest news" and all that here on Leadwerks. Rather it should be a video or two, a gallery and a description with a link to the project's website if it got one. That way, Josh can have a show of projects using the leadwerks engine, and the project's owners doesnt need to update so much on two seperate sites. Also the community around a project wouldnt be confused as to where they belong or where they should get information most specific for them. It is also a good idea in that it can generate a small boost of traffic fo
  12. Yeah I will look more into polyvox, as soon as my headaches subsides
  13. Alright alright, let me come in with a reminder here. I do not plan to have 128x128x128 chunks, but rather 128x128x2(or3), seeing as the character will only ever walk on one cubes width, left and right, and only ever interact with two cubes width, the walkable area and that right behind it. I believe that cuts down quite a bit on the polycounts wether it is standalone enteties or large solid meshes generated with marching cubes. All in all, I am not looking to create a minecraft clone as much as I want to create a terraria clone. So, ive looked at this polyvox library, and the documenta
  14. That looks like an interesting library, thanks a lot Scott. Will experiment with this for a while later, now im on some 3d modeling work, need a break from the headaches
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