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  1. Awesome, that makes life so much easier. Thanks!
  2. Hi all, In the sample FPSGun.lua code I see this: e:SetLoopMode(false,true) where e is an Emitter instance. The docs only list one parameter for SetLoopMode(). Can someone tell me what the second parameter does? Thanks.
  3. I should also mention that looking again in the model editor and even in the scene graph pane in the LW editor, I can now see that I have a "cube" object parented to a STATIC_MESH object, so the fact that the loaded mesh was parented is completely self evident. I just wasn't looking at it properly! Duh!
  4. Absolutely spot on, thank you. I hadn't occurred to me that the model would get parented to an empty one when loaded. I can now find the triangles list and everything. Is there some way I need to mark this as the right answer like in some other forums? Thanks again! Really appreciate the help.
  5. Hi, I'm trying to programmatically get model info in lua. I have imported a simple cube model with the same texture on all 6 faces. In the model editor it is shown as having a single surface, index 0 with the expected material. However, when I try to access this from code I can't find the surfaces. In a script attached to the entity I've tried: local surfaces = self.entity:CountSurfaces() and local model = tolua.cast(self.entity, "Model") local surfaces = model:CountSurfaces() All of which show indicate there are zero surfaces. I've scoured the docum
  6. Hello folks, Can anyone tell me how LW chooses what texture or material to use on a newly created brush by default? Thanks and regards, Colin
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