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  1. I wonder if RTX technology will be supported in Leadwerks?

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    2. JMK


      How about fast voxel-based raytracing?


    3. Marcousik


      Sorry but i don't get it... What is here supposed to be better than ssr.shader?

    4. JMK


      The reflections are more accurate, it can blur reflections according to the surface roughness, and reflected objects don't have to be on the screen; You can see objects behind you or around a corner.

  2. Can the Leadwerks engine 5.0 to compete with Source 2?

    1. gamecreator


      Source 2 isn't officially out yet as far as I can tell and the new  Engine is still being worked on so it's a bit early to try to compare.

    2. JMK


      @Cromartie LE5 will probably be around 10x faster and much easier to use. So if that's important to you, then yeah.

    3. Cromartie



      For me, the easiest engine was Source 1, but when I went to Source 2 for Half Life Alyx, it was something surprisingly simple and logical, and so on.

  3. Can the Leadwerks engine 5.0 to compete with Source 2?
  4. Where can I upgrade Leadwerks to version 5? I have a professional license in steam.
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