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  1. I hope Leadwerks will someday implement the advanced CSG modeling system like in Source 2.

    1. Josh


      Me too!

  2. To be honest, I'm tired of waiting for LE5 and UAK, I have nothing to keep myself busy (
  3. Oh Josh, you're great, what about me?
  4. I have a new year in 4 and a half hours. Happy New Year!
  5. Is it about the Uktra App Kit or LE5 license, or is it all related? I'm confused.
  6. It is difficult for me as a foreigner to understand this)
  7. I= I D= don't E= even K= know
  8. ohhh, the license will be paid:(
  9. aaaaa indiegogo, I got it. aaaaa indiegogo, I got it.
  10. It's okay, I've requested a refund and have already pre-ordered.
  11. Yes, the money was withdrawn.
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