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  1. I found the Problem, something wrong with the files system. Had to resort to some early backups, but it seems okay now. This pos mouse I have sucks butt, causing all kinds of trouble in leadwerks. Thanks for the help though. much appreciated. Robert
  2. I have almost finished my map and structures along with the props involved. Now when I try to start the game it states entity mass must be at 1.0 But when I first made the map and played it a few times, it did not have this problem. What gives? Thanks for any help you can provide. Robert
  3. Thank-you so much hind sir. it is working now. Robert
  4. In the Leadwerks.cfg file it lists the Scene browser spliter at: SceneBrowserSplitterOrientation=0 SceneBrowserSplitterPosition=400 Are these the correct values? Robert
  5. Sorry about that, It's the scene panel in 4.6 that has vanished. it is no longer visible. I have uninstalled it and then installed it again. No Scene panel at all. Must be a setting somewhere to re-enable it, just cant find it. Robert
  6. It's the part on the right hand side of the 4.7 Leadwerks program. it contains all of the models and textures. I will just re-install it. that should fix it... Robert
  7. Hello there, I have been using 4.6 version for a while now and today the Scene editor has just vanished. Is there anyway to get it back? Thanks for any help that you can provide' Robert
  8. Hello there, I have just switched back to Leadwerks 4.6 Professional version. from Leadwerks 4.7 beta. In the scene tab I used to be able to add textures to my models, but it is no longer in there. The seen lists nothing but the models used in the map. also clicking on root no longer gives you any options to select items like, fog. water and what not. Is this still the same professional version that I purchased? If not, then where can I get it from? Thanks, Robert
  9. Yes, 4.7 is a beta version. You can get it through steam. Robert
  10. I select publish from the drop down menu, then stand alone game. weather or not I choose to publish all files or just included files, It just states, "Failed to Package Game Data" I'm using an Alienware laptop with and intel I7 and an nvidea video card. 4.6 I was able to do this, just not in 4.7. and there are no log files created about this event that I can find. Robert
  11. Will this require a script to achieve this? Thanks for any help that you can provide, Robert
  12. Is there a pre-made script for Addforce already in leadwerks 4.7? If not how would I go about making a script in Lua for this purpose? Thanks for any help you can provide, Robert
  13. Thanks for the idea. I will try that one out. Robert PS I do however foresee a problem with that, as it will be a multi player game and rotating the planet may put other players on the side of the moon. That may make them fall off the moon also. But it will be something I will try out.
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