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  1. you are Amazing Thank you so Much I appreciate the Help that worked...
  2. when i put down certain tree from the workshop using the vegetation tool i get the white lines if i put the down individually they are fine I am not sure what is causing the strange fussy stuff?
  3. True, Again i want to Thank you i am really enjoying this game engine how do i get the Beta of version 5
  4. Good Morning, I did exactly what that said to do last night multiple times and Nothing tried again this Am and it is working. Sorry for the Stupid question... Thank You
  5. I am using 4.7 and nothing from the work shop is coming in? I subscribe and nothing shows up? also how do i get access to LE5 Beta?
  6. r2ks

    Nice trees

    Thank You, for Sharing this.
  7. Thank you, you where correct after much trial and error i figured out how to do that, are there any videos on how to use this application my word i have looked and there are no basic videos anywhere.
  8. Ok I am a total Noob and did look at the docs and even tried to find some videos. when I hit play all I see is a black screen can some one tell me why.
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