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  1. If you already are using an Arduino for controlling the doors it would be very easy to hook up a PIR sensor to it. Then you only need to check for a LOW/HIGH signal coming out of it to see if there is any motion in front of it. http://bildr.org/2011/06/pir_arduino/
  2. Do you have to use Steam nowadays to be able to upload pictures to the gallery?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. klepto2


      you can still upload pictures to your own gallery and view them via the legacy gallery at the bottom of the new gallery.

    3. klepto2


      Go to Profile--> Gallery

    4. Josh


      I'm not implementing two systems, and don't have the ability to merge them.

  3. In the progress of redoing my Gui for the OpenGL core profile. And with less external dependencies this time. Supports both skinned and non-skinned gui components. The grey components are drawn using primitives and the blueish components are skinned from the MoonifyUI PSD http://www.designkindle.com/2011/12/07/moonify-ui/ It is also possible to use any other template, one needs to create an xml file saying where the component starts (x, y) and specifiy the width etc. so it knows what goes where.
  4. Nice. A question regarding the new built in physics shapes. Can you parent/skin the physics shapes to the bones of a 3d model in the Modelling software? E.g. create a foot shape and attach it to the foot bone so it follows the character animation?
  5. I also did it the way Rick mentioned. Doing an raycast to check if the gun is going inside the wall and if it does point the gun at the ground instead. Effect can be seen in this video: http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/videos/_/-r169
  6. Been away for awhile, got a nice suprise when returning, Linux support. Another backer here.

    1. gamecreator


      Welcome back. You probably also noticed the Blender integration stretch goal having been met. :)

  7. Hi BES Last screenshot looking really good. Especially the planet and its atmosphere.
  8. Lately when login in to this site I've been reading about users comments/posts that have been deleted, i.e. censored. This gives me shivers. Instead the admins/moderators should counter with an argument to why this is wrong or acknowledge the issue. Just deleting the post/comment makes me think that they have something to hide. The communication should be open.

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    2. YouGroove


      The more people you attract, more your buziness is good, more games can appear etc ... even PS4 statement was : We need to attract the more developpers as possible , we need them.

      Indeed without lot of developpers supporting it a console won't do a good business. Same for 3D engines, specially indies, they need buyers and developpers to make games to advert the engine more, so more buyers

    3. flachdrache


      trend scouts do "buziness" ... we do not.

    4. flachdrache


      ... i doubt that its 'years of research' ... the new high-end renderer has been prototyped quit some time ago afaik - but i agree ... we might just have to have the 'connect dots' thing evolve.

  9. Patrik

    Mages Alchemy

    It's a nice touch, and if you are panning between camera nodes you get control over when these trees passes the camera. I was just afraid they were going to get in the way when e.g. trying jump over a gap or pick something from the ground. It would be annoying to not see exactly where you are going in in those kind of situations.
  10. Patrik

    Mages Alchemy

    Haven't tried the demo yet but I watched your video. Looks good so far, nice to see something that has progressed further than a concept. I like the 'dynamic' Camera that follows the player, it could be a bit more smooth though. How do you decide/calculate where the camera should be placed as the character progresses through the level as the camera rotates/zooms in a bit in some places? Only thing about it is that the foreground trees obstructs the view sometimes which can be annoying. It is also a bit repetitive with all the bridge challenges, but I guess there will be more variations of
  11. Hi I was in need for some new furniture for the bedroom so I started drawing some concepts in blender of what I wanted. After a while I had some sketches in blender of the thing. I don't know waht to call it it's some kind of shelf with integrated spotlights. From blender I could then get the measurements of all the pieces needed, so I went with those to the shop with the drawings and got the needed pieces sawed. Then back home after some drilling, gluing and painting the concept had become reality. More screenshots of the finished piece are available in the photo album at: h
  12. Creating game assets, Soldiers. Started from base mesh to the left. https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B1Oy-yU5UUH6VGtqQzVvNUEwanM

  13. A timelapse video on the latest wip from blender,

    1. Benton


      That's awesome man!

    2. shadmar


      Nice vid, but Celica? Looks like a gt500 (ford) :-)

    3. Patrik


      Thanks. It's a 70's model of the Celica and yes you can see a resemblance to the Mustang. You don't even need to look that hard :)


  14. I've been using ftgl 2.1.3-rc5 from http://sourceforge.net/projects/ftgl/develop with freetype 2.4.4 http://www.freetype.org/
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