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  1. You can use awesomium for this.
  2. Ah thanks. Have been away from forums for a while.
  3. Is this file still somewhere? File seems to be missing.
  4. Ahh. lol. Stupid me. Thanks.
  5. Is this something Josh will look into or can I forget about using different fonts in lua?
  6. What if I draw text for the hud or text above an enemy in various fonts? In this example it seems useless to set font each loop, but in my app I draw different text in different fonts in the same loop.
  7. I am having issues setting the fonts with regards to framerate. It seems that using SetFont even when the fonts are preloaded slows the system down to 1 or 2 framerates. How else would I get around changing fonts when I need to draw text using different fonts in 1 pass through of the code? Here is an example setting the font to the default each loop. In my code I need to change font in various locations, but this simple sample shows the issue. I get about 2 frames per second with this sample. Not sure if just a lua issue or not. require("Scripts/constants/keycodes") Register
  8. Not updated here either. I downloaded the 2.32r4 installer (http://leadwerks.com/werkspace/index.php?/files/file/145-leadwerks-engine-sdk-232/) and did a new install. I ran the updater and it updated almost everything, which made me think that it was reverting it to the previous version. Is there a new SDK Updater? Here is an image of the update I did today which only updated 1 file and a view of my version.txt. I think the SDK Installer I used reverted it to the previous version? EDIT : Nevermind. I got the updated installer. Testing now.
  9. Is it possible to have a setting for the default height at which meshes are placed. What I mean is the meshes that you paint, not placing individual models. This way I could set them at a negative value and eliminate the issue where some trees have their base above the terrain on slopes. Not sure if this is a simple change to your engine. Can be a global setting that is applied to all meshes or individual mesh entries. Either way would work for me. Attaching an example of what I mean.
  10. I installed this when getting the message after reinstalling that there was an update. It still tells me there is an update when I launch the application. Is that just a bug or something? Should I just ignore it?
  11. is enjoying his new 320i. Even less time for coding lol.

  12. Has anyone tested this version with Leadwerks? I have upgraded my pc and want to install this version, but need some input first.
  13. Yeah. I got UU3d Pro, but I am a programmer first, so was kinda hoping not to have to dig into that, but I guess I will have a play then cutting up the image. Image is 50/50 so easy to cut it and make 2. Murphy's Law I would choose the first one to convert that has an issue from 150 odd models I bought. lol. Thanks for help tho guys.
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