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  1. The final result is really impressive. Reminds me of Borderlands terrain; lots of playable plateau areas and realistic, sharp cliffs.
  2. Updated the list with the latest update. First 3 items fixed.
  3. I have my hidden files shown using this method, and the folder is not here at all in Library. Are you sure Leadwerks doesn't check for some other indicator that I previously installed SCFinderPlugin?
  4. I had installed SCFinderPlugin previously, but it's now removed. I have no file in /Library/Contextual Menu Items nor /Library/Receipts (I don't even have these folders). Leadwerks does pop up at the beginning warning me to delete these, and refuses to start. What can I do?
  5. As in "Build > Clean Solution"? That doesn't work. If you build twice in a row, it won't link the second time, so you won't get the warnings again, but if you rebuild, you will.
  6. If you like working on the latest IDE, or if you have a paid license for the latest IDE, you likely won't want to revert to Visual Studio 2010. The argument that it's required for XP support is hardly valid, as most technology enthusiasts and industry professionals made the choice to leave that obsoleted operating system. Moreover, VS2012 can compile perfectly fine for XP, even if Leadwerks had to (for some obscure reason) use MFC. Luckily, if Josh isn't willing to include a VS2012 build or project template, you can still use VS2012, as long as you have VS2010 installed. I haven't tested i
  7. Getting the same here. From S/O: http://stackoverflow...-not-found-with Josh didn't include the PDB (program database) file that VS compiles when in debug alongside the lib files. Usually, you could just disable the warning through /wd4099 in the compiler or /ignore:4099 in the linker. However, Microsoft has made it un-ignorable by design, which is so frequent and annoying that this happens: The only solution that actually exists on your end is to patch your linker. You heard that right, go hex edit the link.exe file in your Visual Studio installation. If you don't mind do
  8. Whoops, forgot to post the log last time: LogDownload.txt
  9. I worked around it by deleting "headers.zip" and re-running the updater without any option checked, but this is still a bug.
  10. Here's a log of the download with just "Force update" checked. As you can notice, it loops this section forever after being done: Downloading "Projects/DarknessAwaits/Fonts/arial.ttf.meta"... Downloading "Projects/DarknessAwaits/Fonts/MORPHEUS.TTF.meta"... Downloading "Projects/DarknessAwaits/Prefabs/Architecture/arch01a.pfb.meta"... Downloading "Projects/DarknessAwaits/Prefabs/Architecture/column01a.pfb.meta"... Downloading "Projects/DarknessAwaits/Prefabs/Architecture/column01b.pfb.meta"... Downloading "Projects/DarknessAwaits/Prefabs/Architecture/column01c.pfb.meta"... Downloading "
  11. Created a project for C++, opened up Visual Studio, tried to build, but it can't find Leadwerks.h. I can't find it myself in Windows search. In which folder is it supposed to be? Edit: Rick told me it's supposed to be in \Engine\Source, but I only have "headers.zip" there on a clean install. Is the source dir missing from the server?
  12. (This could be seen as a suggestion, although it is so cumbersome for the workflow and so counter-intuitive that I file it as a bug) Description: When editing and saving an asset (texture, material or model), the changes are not instantly applied to all instances of the asset in the currently loaded map. Steps to reproduce: Place a model in the map. Edit the model (resize, change materials, etc.) or one of its linked materials or textures Save your modifications Expected: The instances of the model are reloaded to reflect the changes. Happens instead: Nothing. Workaround:
  13. Looked for a while as well. Is there a way to see which surfaces are available in the model editor?
  14. Description: After doing modifications to a model in the model editor (change textures, animation sequences, resize, etc.), you can exit the model editor without there being a prompt about saving, while the modifications have not, in fact, been saved. Steps to reproduce: Open a model in the model editor Modify the model in some way (resize, change materials, etc.) Close the model editor window Expected: Prompt to offer saving your modifications, like in the material editor. Happens instead: No prompt, lost modifications, angry developer. Addendum: The model editor does not show
  15. Never too sure. Besides, if this is the root of the bug, it should be a radio-option and not a checkbox-option.
  16. Edit: Please see http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/6705-model-editor-does-not-prompt-to-save/ instead.
  17. Description: The code to register double-clicking in the asset-view is panel-wide, not item-wide, triggering unwanted double-clicks. Steps to reproduce: Have at least 2 items ready in the asset-view Click once on item 1 Rapidly click once on item 2 The dialogue for item 2 will popup, but it should not.
  18. Description: After having created a new project and entered an author and copyright, the project manager does not seem to save this information. Steps to reproduce: Open the editor Open the project manager Create a new project with an author and copyright When selected in the project list, information is not shown N.B.: I've been trying to find where the Editor stores the information for Darkness Awaits, but a search for "Josh" within file contents returned nothing.
  19. From playing with the editor within the last hour as a "vanilla" user, here's what I miss for my workflow: Important: Option to toggle grid (Set grid size to 0, although could be a checkbox) Option for mouse look sensitivity Option for camera move speed Ability to import more than one file at once from the import dialog "Import..." right-click menu button in the asset list Shortcut for import (Ctrl+Shift+I on Windows, Cmd+Shift+I on Mac) Delete shortcut in the asset list (Del on Windows, Cmd+Backspace on Mac) Rename shortcut in the asset list (F2 on Windows, Enter on Mac) Cut/C
  20. Description: The Leadwerks Updater kept downloading files indefinitely after multiple hours on a fast internet connection, while displaying 100% as progress. Steps to reproduce: 1-Download and run the updater 2-Check "Force update" and "Clean install" 3-Press the update button N.B.: I previously had a demo version installed in "C:\Leadwerks", so perhaps this is related.
  21. Today is a F5 day. Am I too optimistic?

  22. I agree with better object collapsing, jump-to-script from the flowgraph and autocompletion. None of these are priorities, but they'd surely help the flow. But then again, these might be already here and we just haven't seen them in the short video.
  23. As if there was someone other than Josh behind that Admin account.
  24. If you call a date it'll give you pressure. Humans work better under pressure.
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