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  1. For many implementations I would want it on bright surfaces as well. If ever this is released, I'd be thrilled to know how to make it work regardless of the lighting amount. I'll ask again though, will it be released? It's truly incredible.
  2. He already gave one with diffuse off, I wanna see it on.
  3. Can you do a comparison shot of that model with LE2's default SSDO vs. your SSAO? Looks great, by the way.
  4. Lazlo Bonin

    Model Tools

    That first buggy tearpot image is pure art.
  5. Lazlo Bonin


    Actually, S-M-A-T would fit the situation better: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMART_criteria
  6. Lazlo Bonin

    Model Editor

    Here are some from Dexsoft packs I own: Diffuse: _diff, _DF, _col Normal: _nmap, Normal, N, _normal_map Specular: Spec, S Opacity: _OP, _Alpha Height (/Parallax): _H, H, _height_map
  7. We would be doomed. Skynet is nothing compared to iOS.
  8. Mercury for iPhone really is much better than Safari.

  9. That means I'll be the one maintaining the VS2010 C# project for .NET 4, I guess. But think of all the functions that have optional parameters in L3D. You can't have that with VS2008 C#. EDIT: You can make overloaded functions with less parameters, of course, but it's annoying, long and useless when you could use the proper technology.
  10. Dang. Should've seen this one coming.
  11. Ok, yes, we get your point: Developers might not be able to add the redist to an installer Users might not be able to correctly install said redist Now here's the counter-argument: Don't settle for old technologies, you'll be switching in 6 months anyway. And that's probably before the official release date of L3D, so it really might be worth considering. Also, did I mention C# and .NET 4 require VS2010? This means language improvements that C# coders have started using regularly, like optional parameters, that Leadwerks wouldn't support. And if you're worried about the insta
  12. Here's my grain of salt for VS2010: C# and .NET 4 require it. Period.
  13. Here's some attempt. Ignore the ugly header. Josh said this is too far from the IPB code so not viable, but I still like it. I wish Werkspace looked this clean.
  14. Web 2.0 is a marketing term. HTML5 is a technical term. @Josh: I guess it all falls within the radius of your rounded corner, heh?
  15. Bubbly is the style nowadays? No, bubbly is "Web 2.0" and all the buzz words you may associate with it. The web isn't glossy bubbles anymore, it evolved to be cleaner, flatter, and more content oriented. Look at the redesigns over at Google - Gmail, YouTube, G+, even Google itself. Look at Vimeo, Twitter. Show me the bubbles. I don't dislike the presented design, it's good, but if it's not modernized it won't last for as many years as you'd wish.
  16. Lazlo Bonin

    Over the Hump

    I'll make them, if Josh agrees on the maintainability aspect.
  17. Lazlo Bonin

    Darkness Awaits

    So LE2 doesn't exist?! Lies, all my life?
  18. Seal of approval? How do I get it?!
  19. The more I read, the less I like any of them.
  20. That would mean Leadwerks3D to support WebGL, that is, web browsers, am I right? I'd tend to say it's impossible at first, judging by the risky nature of executing a DLL, but I'm mighty curious how Unity does it. They do have a web player install though, right? In that case, you'd have to make plugins for these browsers, I think that'd be the simplest way.
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