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  1. ldd /path/to/program To find all dependencies. Everything that is listed as `not found.' is missing. Then use your package manager to find packages that provide the missing dependencies. For yum it would be yum whatprovides */ Read the man page of your package manager to see how it provides this kind of functionality. And note that the library is a example library and not needed by Leadwerks.
  2. objdump -p /path/to/program | grep NEEDED
  3. Start with finding a suitable distribution.
  4. Slackware since 1996, Slackware for the years to come, Slackware all the way!
  5. #ifndef _FILE_NAME_H_ #define _FILE_NAME_H_ /* code */ #endif Shouldn't you learn the language and how to use the compiler *before* trying to write games with it?
  6. 1. Leadwerks is not Carbon. 2. You don't see anything at all in that mess! 3. EVE is space. No terrain or anything. 4. That happens under 10% TiDi... 5. Unless you have carriers on field, there won't be anywhere near that much drones..
  7. As you wish. What you mean is a 'shell'. And there is not only one. While bash (Bourne Again Shell, an enhancement of the sh, Bourne Shell) is the most common used, there are others like ksh, zsh, csh and tcsh (my favorite). They all differ in capabilities and syntax. The 'terminal programs' you were mentioning, are either shell-builtins or CLI-tools. Photoshop is just more user-friendly. And for the proprietary software-part: For everything we could possibly, there is a open-source project already available. Also, proprietary developers tend to follow their own rules instead of the standards we have set in place (and yes, we hate them for it. Therefore we don't buy or use their ****.) He made that comment as response to NVIDIA's lack of NVIDIA OPTIMUS support in their closed-source driver (which every sane user isn't using anyway.. Unless he *really* needs the performance or he simply doesn't care about giving untrustworthy code full control over his PC). Canonical is going the same way that Microsoft went.. Downwards.. They're equally stupid and do the same bad decisions. Unity and Mir are just 2 examples. Canonical is holding your hand, just like Microsoft does. Don't expect that from every distribution. Especially not one which is aimed at professionals that know what they're doing. It's true that not every kind of exotic hardware is supported, but when I compare the current situation to the situation 10 years ago.. Driver problems are far less common than they used to be and it's getting better every day. Just because you're unable to work with any distribution but Ubuntu (or a derivative from it) doesn't mean that other people can't do that either. -- Notebook batteries empty.. I'll edit and enhance this post later. -- Edit: Took a while to get back to this, and now I lost the line anyway.
  8. Looks to me like you have no idea what you're talking about. And that you have had problems with Arch is totally understandable to me. It's no distribution for newcomers with absolutely no wisdom about the operating system (in other terms: people like you).
  9. Including header files in your code won't help when the linker can't find the object/library to it. This article could interest you: Also, since you're using GNU/Linux, you might want to consider taking a look at GNU Make. At last I'd recommend you to take a look at the g++ manpage. Specifically the 'Linker Options' section will interest you.
  10. Welcome to the community!
  11. 1. It's called GNU/Linux. 2. What is Unbutu? Some newly discovered kind of cancer? 3. -- Go with Slackware since it doesn't matter for you anyway. I don't think you'll get any distribution installed without wiping your hard drive.
  12. ATI has working drivers? I heard rumours that they were to improve their Linux drivers, but who would have guessed that these are true!? And proprietary drivers might be better performance-wise, but it's closed source.. and runs as kernel module.. Running closed-source on your machine and everything it has access to is classified as compromised (as you have no idea what the hell is going on). Now loading a proprietary module into the kernel, and your whole system is compromised. Forever. There is no way you can *ever* trust it again. It's different with Windows, since there we know that the NSA is spying on us and can act accordingly. But I'm going offtopic again
  13. Disclaimer: The following is purely informational. Don't take it attacking (it might seem so) or personal, that's just my style of writing. They don't have a OS driver. Nouveau is not developed by NVIDIA. They don't even contribute to it in the slightest way. No, Nouveau is reverse-engineered.. NVIDIA is rather hindering its development, than contributing. That's the reason why Torvalds said (in response to NVIDIA Optimus not being supported on GNU/Linux) When did they say that? And who in particular? If they'd care more about Linux than Windows, then why do we always have to wait months until they finally decide to add functionality for something to their closed-source GNU/Linux driver? (I.e. NVIDIA Optimus, took them over a year.) Do you surf around in conspiracy-theory-forums? When you install a new Windows OS on your hard drive and there are partitions with a filesystem other than FAT or NTFS on it, then the installer tells you 'Unknown filesystem blablablubb' and the default is (or was) to overwrite it. Not more. Other OS installers did the same, that's nothing special. That's certainly nothing spectacular.. {Insert random company here} is doing the same to {insert random project here}. That M$ can't stay a single bit of competition, we already knew.
  14. Would it be possible for you to get me one of these shiny codes that CCP Games (EVE Online) is handing out? Would be forever thankful ;p
  15. It was $50