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  1. I have a basic options menu that, in order to show all the options, is drawn on a different before that buffer's colortexture is drawn: Buffer* bf_normalBuffer; Buffer* bf_resizeBuffer; Texture* tt_drawingTexture; //At initialization bf_normalBuffer = Buffer::GetCurrent(); bf_resizeBuffer = Buffer::Create(1600, 900); //Code within the drawing function itself Buffer::SetCurrent(bf_resizeBuffer); bf_resizeBuffer->SetColor(Vec4(0, 0, 0, 0)); bf_resizeBuffer->Clear(bf_resizeBuffer->Color); Context::GetCurrent()->SetBlendMode(Blend::Alpha); Context::GetCurrent()->SetColor(Vec4(1, 1, 1, 1)); //Draws text code goes here //Then switches back tt_drawingTexture = bf_resizeBuffer->GetColorTexture(0); Buffer::SetCurrent(bf_normalBuffer); Context::GetCurrent()->DrawImage(tt_drawingTexture, 0, 0, 1600, 900); Context::GetCurrent()->SetColor(Vec4(1, 1, 1, 1)); Here's the issue. When using this code (rather than just drawing the text without switching buffers), the text on screen is a lot less fuller, and the color is a lot more washed out. A comparison: Versus it with the buffer code So what exactly is the issue? Is there some setting or aspect of buffers I'm missing?
  2. And what solutions would I use if I wanted other controllers to have big hitboxes?
  3. Right, but can't we at least do things like say, change the character controller height? I can't see how the height of the cylinder at least would affect navmesh computation, and being stuck with a specific height also makes it extremely hard to do things like say, crawl through air ducts.
  4. Gonna bump this, is there any way to have smaller characters controllers? Being stuck with human-sized colliders for my enemies is both frustrating and limiting.
  5. I read some stuff saying that Leadwerks seems to support this, but I can't fully understand how to implement it. I have a few icons I'd like to be vector graphics (mostly UI things) so that they look better when scaled. How do I do this? I've got an .svg file now, but obviously that doesn't import. .psd files did import, but they ended up as just normal textures that when scaled, look squashed or weird. Does Leadwerks have some sort of support for this?
  6. Gotta bump this up. I recently coded up a music system, and having to load 50-40mb files for EVERY song is absolutely ridiculous. Even smaller studios and developers use music and longer sounds, .wav is just too big. +1 for smaller format support.
  7. Tried that, like I said, it seems the cylinder shape is hardcoded. Tried also attaching another shape to it, but that just lead to weird physics problems where things would go flying.
  8. I understand that when using CharacterPhysics for an object, the physics shape will always been a cylinder. The question is, can I tweak any other aspect of it, such as its size? I've got small enemies and large enemies, and there are places that the small enemies can go that the big enemies (whose collision is the same size), shouldn't be able to go.
  9. Really? Because I tried SetKeyValue with a new one, and it crashed the program. Edit: Odd, it's working now. Even though it wasn't when I tried to run it an hour ago.
  10. Is there any function similar to SetKeyValue and GetKeyValue, but instead adds that key to the entity with a value?
  11. Rendering text relating to dialogue, inventory, stats, general RPG stuff. The text usually doesn't change that much while accessing these menus (there's highlighting if you mouse over it and that's about it), how would I go about rendering to a texture? Even a few frames saved is nice.
  12. I asked myself the same question, and it definitely is DrawText, nothing else in the code slows things down, and eliminating those lines speeds things back up to normal. After more than a few calls, like 8 or so, it starts to drop about 12 FPS, and then it just goes down from there.
  13. Mmm, I know how to do multiple line stuff like that just fine, what I'm trying to do is limit the number of times I call DrawText, because it seems to significantly slow things down.
  14. I've got a string that has a newline in it, IE something like string s_myString = "Hello \n world."; But I noticed that while normally said string would be output on two lines. When using DrawText, it wouldn't show the newline character, but wouldn't put the next bit of text on a new line. Am I missing something here, or is that just a limitation of DrawText?
  15. Yeah, it definitely worked prior to Leadwerks 3, but not on newer versions.
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