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  1. I'd say the most logical approach is for your game to persist a finite state machine during runtime, that way you can handle states for menus, death, active playtime, spectating, etc. Combining that approach with the other advice offered above should lead you towards the light. Cheers, Tyler
  2. I swear the most exciting thing for me in LE3 compared to LE2 is that physics, ray casting, and surface/mesh editing all work now...

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    2. YouGroove


      Don't worry, i had some issues also, the bad ones can be : Lightmapper going crazy and no way to have the cense back to a good lightmapping situation

    3. YouGroove


      Or normal map shader working well on character with directionnal light, but it will break and we see seams on texture when adding a static spot Light in the scene.

    4. YouGroove


      But i learned all basic programming and i'm begin to have fun despite engine bugs and problems.

  3. Can someone please verify that it isn't just me, but in fact I CANNOT compile Leadwerks 3 apps in Visual Studio 2012 because the Leadwerks.lib file is compiled in VS2010?

  4. In search of my old C# code...can't find a USB cable for my external drive. Arse.

  5. Did I give anyone the code to this library?
  6. Can someone explain what happened to the individual language programming boards?

    1. Rick


      Use tags when making a post. All sorts of changes have happened.

    2. Josh


      The APIs are identical, so separate forums are not needed.

    3. TylerH


      I meant from an organization standpoint, also noticed separate forums for LE2/LE3 existed a day ago and now don't? But if tags are the new banana I'm for it.

  7. The prices mentioned, $295/project/platform are indeed accurate but only for Scaleform (the lowest library on my list). Beast ( a light mapper ) is also down there. My focus will be on HumanIK (inverse kinematics library), and Navigation, which is a new library from the people who originally made Kynogon Kynapse, then bought by Autodesk and renamed Autodesk Kynapse, and now version 2 being called Autodesk Navigation. The only reason I was focusing on these is because they are heavily integrated in the pipeline from 3ds Max / Maya and other Autodesk tools, FBX format, and other specifi
  8. I've been here since Leadwerks was 1.x and had no DLL exports back when I was in high school. Been focusing on other things, growing up, maturing, university, etc. Coming full circle to my natural passion which is programming with a concentration in games. Integrating the Autodesk Gameware SDK's was merely something I wanted to do for personal use, but seeing as anyone can apply for an evaluation of them and utilize them for a game, sharing my work would be ideal. I also have some projects that have been back burner toast for what, 3 years now, that all had potential for helping members of
  9. Well once I receive my SDKs for Autodesk Gameware, I am integrating Scaleform, Beast, Navigation, HumanIK in with Leadwerks 2.x, as well as euphoria.
  10. Now that Leadwerks 3 is here and LE2 is on the back burner I can come out of hiatus and get some wonderful things going. Keep on the lookout. Cheers, Tyler H.
  11. Well I'll have spring break here starting March 19th, gives me 2 weeks to get my antiquated code and apps installed on the new computer. Summer break is the end of May.
  12. Looks good. I might give a try at porting the OGRE example.
  13. Hello there! I just got word from Autodesk that my Scaleform developer account is being reviewed. I am also waiting to hear back on approval to evalute for integration the remaining Autodesk Gameware middlewares Kynapse, HumanIK, and Beast. If all goes well, I'm going to aim at getting some kind of open-source glue code / framework and tools out there for anyone who (like I) is using Leadwerks and some external middlewares. Cheers, Tyler
  14. Maybe once my summer break in college hits I'll be back on my programming grind.
  15. TylerH

    Three's a Crowd

    The industry term for an AI 'actor" "entity" "class" brain whatever you want to call it is usually Agent, not Actor. Usually safe neumonic to maintaing your finalized character an Actor, with the sub components of a Model, Entity, AI Agent / Brain, etc. Just my two cents.
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