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  1. For the line: scene = LoadMesh("abstract::scene.gmf") ...that was causing problems, I changed the name of "scene.gmf" to something else. Worked like a charm, just as you said. THANK you! One down, and one to go.
  2. Okay, some more information... I get a little more detail with debug, but I still can't make heads or tails of it. This is regarding the "Unhandled exception error in the main chunk." This is what is shown in the log at the bottom of the script editor: Loading texture "c:/users/torr/documents/leadwerks engine sdk/tutorials/lesson09/concrete_floor01dot3.dds"... Loading shader "zip::c:/users/torr/documents/leadwerks engine sdk/shaders.pak//mesh/mesh_diffuse_bumpmap.vert", "zip::/c:/users/torr/documents/leadwerks engine sdk/shaders.pak//mesh/mesh_diffuse_bumpmap.frag"... Loading material "zip::c:/users/torr/documents/leadwerks engine sdk/private/thezone.pak//models/buildings/warehouse01/concrete.mat"... Unhandled exception:Zip data error As for the second error, I found that it plays the sound when running debug. But when I try to raise and lower the pitch with the up and down arrow keys, as we coded in the tutorial (#6, with sound), a different error pops up - something more specific, and a little easier to understand. "Unhandled Exception:Attempt to access field or method of Null object" ...the problem now is trying to find where that problem is, since I'm using the same code as in the tutorial. The log for this is very long, I cannot copy the text, and it doesn't seem to be helpful and save a .txt file either. Here are the last lines of the log, at least, and if you need more then I'll type further back: Loading texture "incbin::noise.dds"... Loading shader "zip::c:/users/torr/documents/leadwerks engine sdk/shaders.pak//postfilters/postfilter.vert", "zip::/c:/users/torr/documents/leadwerks engine sdk/shaders.pak//lighting/directionallight.frag"... Loading shader "zip::c:/users/torr/documents/leadwerks engine sdk/shaders.pak//postfilters/postfilter.vert", "zip::/c:/users/torr/documents/leadwerks engine sdk/shaders.pak//postfilters/postfilter.frag"... Loading shader "zip::c:/users/torr/documents/leadwerks engine sdk/shaders.pak//postfilters/postfilter.vert", "zip::/c:/users/torr/documents/leadwerks engine sdk/shaders.pak//postfilters/depthblit.frag"... Loading texture "incbin::Arial9.dds"... Unhandled Exception:Attempt to access field or method of Null object The lines where we scripted the changing of the pitch are: -- Increase/decrease pitch on command if KeyHit(KEY_UP) == 1 then pitch = pitch + 0.1 SetSourcePitch(source1,pitch) elseif KeyHit(KEY_DOWN) == 1 then pitch = pitch - 0.1 SetSourcePitch(source1,pitch) end ...where pitch and source1 have already been defined above. Does any of this help at all, for either error? Thanks for trying to help me out.
  3. Yes. That was one of the first things I looked at. They're all in the same folder, and I've never had a problem before with the abstract path not finding things. : / It's odd. I showed this to one of my seniors at school, and he wasn't able to figure it out either. That was where we tried copying the script directly from the .pdf of the tutorial. But the guy's works in the tutorial, no problem. I was wondering if it had anything to do with my computer?
  4. Alright, so I've been working through the VERY informative and VERY helpful Lua tutorials here on the Leadwerks site. I'm starting off knowing nothing about Lua, and this is my first time working with a scripting language as well as working on a game. So I'm very new to the whole deal. I've had errors in the script I typed up from the tutorials, but I've been able to handle most of them. Except two. After doing the first eight tutorials, even though I made sure I typed everything exactly the way he did, I still get the errors. I've even pasted the script from the .pdf files that come with the tutorials! Still an error. I'm wanting to know what on my computer is causing them. In the fourth tutorial, the line scene = LoadMesh("abstract::scene.gmf") gives the error: "Unhandled exception error in the main chunk." when I try to run the script. I used that exact same line with the exact same errors in the seventh and eight tutorials, too. Finally, in the sixth tutorial, the line sound1 = LoadSound("abstract::beep.ogg") gives the error: "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" when I try to run the script. This is the only time I've run into the error so far, from the 1-8 Lua tutorials. Does anyone have any ideas/advice for a newbie who's run out? I'd appreciate it! Thanks, Torr.
  5. Holy... Major Kudos Pixel Perfect. So... How much?
  6. Zero Hour is moving into a new phase.

    1. Laurens


      Good to hear, good luck!

    2. AggrorJorn


      Keep us updated.

  7. Porsche

    Zero Hour

    Hey Laurens and everyone... let me give you all an update. Shard and I are local project partners in college. Zero Hour is our school project, which was due about 3 weeks ago, a few days after the Beta came out. We presented our actual game level with enemies, triggers, music, cut-scenes, and more. We had originally planned to release the beta earlier, but complications just kept piling up. We went into major crunch time to get it ready for a huge presentation, and we're proud to say we kicked butt. Anyway, Zero Hour is far from finished. We've been taking a long deserved break. The Beta we put up is horribly faulty, and chances are we'll be putting up different versions of the game for everyone to test over the next 8 months. The game we turned in was for our Mid-Term Project, which is meant as a "practice run" for the real thing. We are continuing Zero Hour as our Senior project. Our break is nearly over, and I'm sure you'll see more from us soon. (Get ready for Shard to bombard the Coding forum with questions... haha) -Porsche PS: Thanks to all those who played the Beta. Check your email over the next couple months, we might hand out a different test version of the game.
  8. We plan on submitting Zero Hour into this competition at some point.
  9. Porsche

    Your Desktop

    Uhm, yeah that's Live (MSN) Messenger. hah.. Here's my laptop desktop... my PC at home has a different setup. =P
  10. Porsche

    Zero Hour

    We've only denied a few requests. There are a few other things that cause us to deny your request. These include: No Email Provided Not stating your LeadWerks forum username OR not clearly identifying who you are @RVL: You are an SDK owner, so you should be able to play the Beta. You can still play, but I need you to PM me a few things. Check your inbox. =]
  11. You can export the height map from the Editor (Sandbox) into a .raw file. If you import this into Photoshop (maybe even gimp), you can re-save it as any kind of file. Going along with everyone else though, it'd just be too many steps to really even be worth it. You shouldn't just use LeadWerks for one thing, considering it's meant to be much more.
  12. Porsche

    Zero Hour

    The Beta will probably go until July, and you can sign up at any point during.
  13. Porsche

    Zero Hour

    We are a little behind schedule, but we should be able to hand out the keys tomorrow (June 1st) or Wednesday(June 2nd). I've looked through the requests already sent, and a few people claimed to be from leadwerks but didn't include their username. If you got an email saying you were denied, and you're an SDK owner, just PM me here with your email address so I can fix the issue. Otherwise, check your email in the next few days for the Beta Key! =D (Be sure to check your junk email too, if you're expecting.) We've run into several last second issues. While we could hand it out as is, we'd rather fix the more major bugs beforehand. We're now aiming for next week sometime, probably Tuesday June 8th.
  14. Yeah the controls are all inverted. That was an old bug and has been fixed for awhile. It's not related to the gun showing up, and you can still accurately see the problem.
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