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  1. thanks it worked just fine, i guess i was getting ahead of myself trying to figure out all of the different file formats for autodesk.
  2. Hello, i am stuck on exporting a studio max file .max, it has no animations it is a model that is textured and rendered in 3ds max. I have uu3d but i have not found a plug in for .max extensions just the .3ds. Is there a .max plug in? Or what about saving my .max in autodesk to .3ds then exporting it and converting the .3ds to .gmf via uu3d or leadwerks tools. I am new to auto desk so i am unfamiliar with the differences of file formats and compatibility between the .max and .3ds, why does 3ds max have so many file formats im guessing they are for different uses? I have found this tool but it does not specify if it is for the .3ds or .max extension. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/files/file/210-tools-for-3ds-max/
  3. that statement couldn't be any more true, josh. I come from not only no coding background but also no 3d modeling either. The 3d modeling anyone can watch a few you tube videos and pick up the user interface of 3ds max pretty easily with trial and error. I am in school for software engineering and taken my first programming class this semester i finally can read code and write simple programs. But for the longest time i have avoided it, even though game design and playing video games has been a huge hobby i have wanted to get into. I always ran from purchasing game engines with lots of coding involved i know all of them require it but some are more accommodating than others. If you look at the success of other engines you will see the simplicity in using them for new users. Or a ton of community support with lots of tutorials like the unreal engine 3. There are several 10 hour dvds that any beginner can purchase and follow to write a game from start to finish. I think that is what leadwerks needs, a friendlier user interface for LE3 or more support videos for new people. I think this will help leadwerks grow, we will see more games being produce from start to finish and will reduce the amount of repeated questions in the community forums. Sometimes i feel stupid in there cause im asking such basic questions and i know the same question has been asked millions of times. This is my perspective from someone new to everything in game design, except for playing them of course.
  4. here's the file......or not when i get done attaching it it doesn't show up but sais i used 24.18k. So im not going to worry about it right now just going to keep modeling i was hoping to start getting familiar with the importing but ill worry about it later. Thanks for the info though guys.
  5. that probably is it, i have no textures on the model yet i was just wanting to see how it looked set into the scene. guess ill wait til i learn to texture. i just am learning programming and modeling in 3ds.
  6. So i have used the tool 3ds to gmf exporter found in the sdk. I have filed the model to sdk/entities/newfolder/saphirebridge. Saphire bridge is the model i am trying to load into the editor. The only thing that shows up in the editor is a node with the name when i drag and drop into the scene. Also in the model viewer it just shows a grey screen but said 26,000 triangles. It has a 3ds phy file, gmf file and a lua, do i need to program anything in lua to compete the model to gmf format?
  7. UU3D support verified a bug with the sketchup plugin in. The have resolved the issue and updated everything so now it works great.
  8. It should be under your client area if you click on the accounts tab. If its not there and you know your registration key you can download the updater in the download section. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/files/file/186-leadwerks-engine-updater/
  9. thank you for that, i beleive there is a bug with the sketch up plugin. i easily got the 2 light wave and gmf leadwerks plug in installed with no issues. with google sketch up i get an error box "there was an error loading the plug in."
  10. I just got my version of uu3d pro and im trying to install a few plugins. i download the plug in zip folder and then i have tried two different ways to get the file into the program. 1. extract zip to desktop, then drag and drop into UU3D application. 2. extract zip file directly into the UU3D application. It doesnt show up under plugins inside the app and still wont open skp format. (Google sketch Up).
  11. I will try tweaking the settings when I get home tonight. @DNC- my poly count is zero with no objects in my scene I just load terrain and paint it and I'm running st 59fpsI have a three week old dell xps notebook, 2nd gen i7 core processor w/turbo boost, NVIDIA gt 540.
  12. ok deleted the demo and it seems all opens up perfect. One question about frames per second. In the demo i was running about 160-200 now in the engine i start at 59fps. If i run the game it goes to about 90fps is this normal. I know it is different for everyone depending on hardware specs but is there anything i need to do to improve this? I just ask because starting at 59 just adding terrain and a few objects i see large decreases. thanks
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