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  1. crysis 1 is still by far the best of the series. the nano suit actually looked detailed. everything now seems cartoonish.

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    2. fumanshoo


      I honestly only played 20 mins of Crisis 1. I didn't even know there was multiplayer for any of the other games...

    3. Canardian


      Crysis 1 is so good, because the artist who made the arts was damn good. He had some special tricks how to make dark really dark and bright really bright. The play of light and shadow is also in real-life arts the most difficult and most important thing.

    4. niv3k


      yeah. wish they'd give crysis 1 a HD texture pack for their vegetation. and update the lighting. then the game would = more amazing.

  2. looks good. love the lighting of the spell.
  3. Leadwerks 3 and Android on Nvidia's Project Shield Tegra 4 portable console/tablet = my dream come true <3

    1. JMK


      Pretty sure that will run full light and shadows. Finally I have a user base for my technology!

    2. niv3k


      yeah every AAA game i've seen played on the Nvidia Shield looks outstanding. Tegra 4 is beast.

  4. anyone else playing The War Z? just started and within a hour gone through 2 characters...i'm raging for the night. Gonna start a clan tomorrow. tired of getting shot and all i wanna do is explore.

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    2. niv3k


      yeah it'll be finished by January. its in Beta right now. which i knew when buying it. Not a scam really. just not finished like every other game that need updates and dlcs.

    3. niv3k


      i'm enjoying it. its kinda addicting really. never thought traveling miles risking your life to find loot to live. something i've always wanted in a game. but not losing everything. but i've learned not to pay real cash for GC money. totally a waste of $5 when losing all that you bought within 20min to gangs of bandits.

    4. niv3k


      decided to get a refund from steam :/ lol

  5. when you start playing with the pros, you end up playing like a pro ;) CSS and CSGO for life.

    1. Thomas


      CSS is the 1.6 for baddies and idiots.

      CS:GO on the other hand is a step in the right direction.

    2. niv3k


      meh i enjoy CSS a lot more. seems more realistic than the over dramatic recoil in CSGO.

  6. Josh the next Tim Sweeney.

    1. Flexman


      Yeah, I'm hoping for big things to happen. I love the engine.

  7. writing a geometric library in java...lol eventually translate to C++ and add a GUI and add some G language. not really sure what i'm wanting, but i seem to be doing something.

    1. niv3k


      is there any tutorials on how to make a menu screen, like in games? with start, options, and etc. think when i translate to C++, i'mma try setting it up with the LeadWerks Engine and eventually LW3 for multiplatform use. even though idk what exactly i want this thing to be. calling it the Codex of Lii.


  8. call this for Game of the Year...

    1. niv3k


      yeah glad they worked on their AI rather than Far Cry 2 being unplayable...lol

    2. Road Kill Kenny
    3. niv3k


      max payne 3 should be.

  9. got my 23" Acer LED monitor in today...cant have it tilil chiristmas :(

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    2. niv3k


      nah not touchscreen. i just wanted a wider screen with 1920x1080 resolution. BUT i plan getting a Planar 24" touchscreen probably after christmas :)

    3. Carve


      I've got two of the same monitors last year, I got lucky and they ended up only having 1 of the 2 LCD version, so I got the upgrade to the LED versions free :)

    4. niv3k


      nice. they're at a great price range for $180 full LED. i was surprised and having 2 HDMI ports is a nice touch. I think i'm gonna keep with ACER as my main monitor brand.

  10. um....i prophesize obama losing to romney which causes obama to wage war on Iran, causing WW3...and by Dec. 21, 2012 the book of Revelations and every other ancient culture's prophesies will come true with Jesus Christ/Krishna or the "9 gods or Bolon Yotke" returning to Earth to bring peace and harmony after such a catastrophic event occurring this month.

    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. niv3k


      well romney loss...my prophesy didn't come true. but obama still could wage war on Iran to help our economy..

    3. Pixel Perfect

      Pixel Perfect

      Its funding wars that has got your economy where it is today and to a large degree ours (UK) as well. Where do you think all that debt to China came from

    4. niv3k


      from obama spending on programs...not the war. went from 3trill BUSH to over 16trill Obama.

  11. love how Advent Rising's "trilogy" was never finished...i loved the first game...im still waiting :(

  12. dude...we should had this like 10 years ago....

    1. Pixel Perfect

      Pixel Perfect

      So we need 57 projectors and the audience needs to be running Josh's sway shader!

    2. niv3k


      could always make micro projectors and have a movie playing rather than a still photo....

  13. gonna try to start making extra cash from youtube videos!

  14. niv3k

    A Red-Letter Day

    there is no difference between Windows 8 and Windows 7 except for the fancy start menu....
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