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  1. stop telling people my secrets
  2. old news lol i have 3dsmax on this
  3. megigames

    graphics card

    I used a gts 450 and it ran everything on max I would also reccomend using a radeon hd 6850
  4. The pi will die if it tries to run LE lol Joke:the pi is a lie
  5. megigames


    vocaloid anyone XD
  6. cough cough some of us use speedtree
  7. i suggest learning lua and c++ thats basically everything you will need to know
  8. lesoldierentityandgame does not work with latest leadwerks i really need to hire a lua programmer :/ all i know how to do is print (i suck at lua)
  9. hmm interesting i'll try this out

    1. megigames


      and it only took 2 gts 450's 4 motherboards and 1 radeon hd 6670 that works

    2. Roland


      Congratulations... I know that horrible feeling to be without a working computer. Only the thought of it gives me nightmares :)

    3. Richard Simpson

      Richard Simpson

      I suffered this earlier this year when my pc decided to die :(

  11. either or would be nice
  12. megigames

    FPS script

    how would i go about making a first person shooter script with weapon pickup and interchangeable models for guns oh and if anyone knows how to make a reload that would be great also if you want to share a script so i can learn that'd be nice i also am willing to pay for scripts
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