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  1. Is working on Wizard interface for model renamer

  2. Wow! Great job! Everything is very polished and professional. Thanks to all who contributed!!
  3. Lumooja: I am curious how you did the engine sound and shift points. I did something like that one time. My approach was to literally recreate an auto trans valvebody in code. I lost that code through the years..
  4. Gave in to temptation and installed VC# 2010 Express..

    1. Lazlo Bonin
    2. Sean


      lol, i was real hesitant to switch. i was afraid MS broke something.

  5. hmmm... calling LE through Blitz3D maybe? I don't remember seeing B3D with realtime lighting ( of that quality ) and what about the normal mapping on the tree trunks? Lol good one! ps: it is a nice scene, i actually prefer it dark. gives it the feeling of a dense forest.
  6. Hi, this is my first tool release for the community. It can rename files associated with a model. It does not rename material or texture files, but it does rename model LOD files and physics files. It requires NET 3.5 to run. Sorry i have not had the time to put together a user guide yet. So copy some model folders and play around with it first please! I will try to get a video tutorial up this weekend. MassModelRenamer.zip Enjoy!
  7. i would LOVE to be able to load a texture from memory. I want to create a 3d slideshow using photos from a folder. Currently i can't load .jpg, .bmp etc. as a texture. ( or at least not that i am aware of ) The .dds converter tool is just too slow.
  8. modified c# headers for .NET 3.5

  9. Sean


    Torque uses raycasts for rain. Hardy any FPS hit unless it is really pouring. I think they use a "thick" ray to find objects etc. but each drop also has splash animation when each drop hits something. Not sure how that works but i will look into it.
  10. which version was this compiled with VC# 2008 or 2010?
  11. Bummer, credit card number was stolen :(

    1. TylerH


      That really sucks.

      Hopefully you find who did it.

  12. has finally got scanner code working in c# for side project

  13. Sean

    C# SVN

    ahhhh! ok simple enough. thanks for the help!
  14. Sean

    C# SVN

    ok, so how do i download the source files? i got TortiseSVN but now i have no clue what to do. I have never used SVN, thought it worked like a CVS but not so.
  15. Cool, thanks for the link. The Ocean, clouds and atmosphere look very good. And with sample code! Good stuff!
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