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  1. That's impressive work, this could be used to render buildings or big structures in the far distance without having us to manually generate billboards as we would have checked some "Make billlboard" box.


    Some distance parameter could be needed however to choose the distance of billboard if they are big or small objetcs ?

  2. I chose to just make the one model we want, until I see how well these guys perform.

    Perhaps you can ask cleverly a guy with no mask and no hair and no accessories on the head.


    The community can make some hats , helmets or hair , sun googles , radio headphones etc ... for the soldier , it should not be super complicated i think. It is just small modding like Team Fortress 2 items..


    If you provide source materials : FBX and Tga textures, people will be able to change the outfits colors in a painting program or add patterns using masks or draw damage to turn them in soldier zombies.


    This small and easy customisation can be made by the community in some workshop.

  3. 3 with hat is the best.

    If the artist can make hat, helmet , short hair or long hair as separate items it would be the best as people will be able to change them in the prefab to make variations in no time.

    Also two or three textures sets for clothes like camo and uniform color cloth fabric, why not for the head a separate material with two or three different textures at choice, this would be even better.


    Easy fast customisation is the key for assets. It is just some personnal opinion only.

  4. @Olby

    In this regard a dedicated tutorial set explaining from A to Z how to make an animated character model or a weapon including modelling, texturing, rigging, animating and exporting would help more than 10 or 20 new high quality characters.


    It is not to 3D engines to provide you how to make good characters and animations, there is thousands of tutorial over internet for every tool like Blender, Maya ,Sculptris, Zbrush ... and for generators like MakHuman, Poser, Daz3D ,Mixamo etc ...

    If you want to make custom specific characters for your game looking good, then you'll have to follow tutorials and practice a lot , only that. practice and practice a lot.

    You have great tutorials like Digital Tutors, and once you get the basics you are free to make anything you like.



    I don't think LE3 must have a goal to teach people how to make characters or buildings. I made tutorials in the past for LE3 , but the interest was not so big and that didn't braught 3D artists to LE3 neither.


    The best way for serious projects , is to find a 3D artist to work with you.

    Rick is the perfect example of coder that found a great 3D artist, so now they are a small but complete team.


    Otherwise, advanced next gen characters packs for LE3, can only be good as graphics is what 3D engines must show at is best to make a good impression to future buyers.

  5. That's awesome to see that vegetation is on the right track.


    Tesselation is good but i would keep it as an option in games because it's pumping too much GPU power sometimes.


    Decal , yes they are coming bringing the possibility to add lot of variations to levels or used as traditionnal decals , that's great.


    Does decals means, soft particles would be possible in LE3 in the future :) ?

  6. It would be great to have grass density exposed to the editor and as a dynamic variable that could be changed at runtime like Unity can do.

    Be able to let users change grass density in game options is standard in games today.

  7. Why do you say that?

    Because drag and drop is how it is done on 3D engines, even on all windows software.

    A move with the mouse is always ten times faster then having to enter a name.

    Anyway, in a game it won't be thousand of entities scripts, so it should not ne so bothering. Still this is some workflow regression.

    Why not keeping the two options ? drag and drop and enter name

    I've also received bug reports that the linkages sometimes break without any obvious cause. This solves the problem.

    This is some valid reason then, but i never got any problem on that side.

    If it helps LE3 beeing more bug free for majority people , then perhaps it's best that way.

  8. I have flickering ussues like door flickering, ceiling object or the big rounded button on the wall flickering tesing your game on my Radeon 6700.

    What is strange is that i don't have this issue on other 3D engines, or playing games.

    It's only happening on LE3, it seems that is some adjustements to be made in LE3 instead perhaps ?

  9. All you have to do is get the player position, set Z to 0.0, then set the player position with those values.

    Yes, i remeber testing with physic barrels and doing that only the barrels moved away, the player was still in Z=0.

    On the other side you will need some raycast checks or use collision function detection to stop moving the character when he touches some static physic box or he can go throught it using PhysicsSetPosition().

  10. I noticed all your assets are not protected , even sounds, i strongly suggest you to encrypt your demo assets when you'll will go more serious about your game.


    Trying your demo, while loading was long and i had a left corner not move able window , i switched to firefox, trying to switch back to your demo main menu when loaded , i got a full black screen when it tried to go fullscreen : AND IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO DISPLAY TASK MANAGER : BLACK not responding screen :(


    Only that point shows a really serious problem : Any game i play i want to be able to close it down with ALT F4 or able to display task manager. I had to restart my computer, so i'll try it perhaps when this issue will get fixed.

  11. It's my taste, i don't like the Spider color full black , i would like red emissive eyes, and perhaps some red emissive furr or paint in the legs and foots of the spider.

    * Fire effects are bad and will need particles (check some of my particle examples i made for LE3 wokshop)

    * You have some strecthed horizontal texture on upper wall it seems, it looks not as good as others.

    * Specular is too much uniform on textures, making real specular maps would help a lot

    * shadows are too string and too black, as there is lightening in the room


    I'll try your game later and try to post some other feedback for you smile.png


    Good feedback :

    great spider monster, really good level design, keep working on it.

  12. I agree with lot of things.

    I would say make it small and finish at least one playable level with all needs : menu, HUD, mobs AI and gameplay ,basic animations, level selection.

    Once you have a complete playable small dirty game , it is lot more easy to iterate on quality in all points and it is more motivating because you have a complete working base.



    And yes as it is some passion hobby not a 24/24h work, it's hard to find time. I would say plan how much time you can put each week or per day to work on it. Even 30 min working on modeling is valuable.

  13. There are so many games out there.

    So many hobbyst games also, quality games are rare among indies.

    when there is big quality , it is big success.

    Last successfull one is Ori, a game made with love and passion.


    While some people just make games to make a game or for fun, only few got lot of attention and polishing.


    I think this is where you can really make the difference :

    - dynamic effects and entities (wind, animals and birds, particles dust, flags in the wind etc ...) will make it more alive.

    - lot of little details making the game unique and giving it a real story

    - polishing : perhaps less content but lot more polished

    - the overall pleasure playing the game and the pleasure of discovring new things and new areas.

    - rewarding the player and the sense of accomplishment.



    The games i seen really succeed where games made with lot of passion and love, and lot of attention to quality of assets and on details.

  14. It depends , i seen many people epxosing themselves but producing **** games really bad ones. Lot of talk and exposing video, but it was lot of times very very vaporware , leading to a not so good or bad game at final.


    I got some Mmo examples: one kickstarter that got founded but the authors after two years still don't have anything : yes lot of exposure and lot of talk , but what they produced is just bad and very far from a complete game.


    Molyneux and it's last indie production is also very exposed but all people are asking where all that money has been spent laugh.png


    I prefer less talk, less exposure and a solid demo or outstanding video smile.png


    While i seen great games coming out of nowhere without the author exposed.

    The demo quality and the work seen on the video is something that is visible (effects, polish of the level, animations, lightening etc ...)


    When the video and demo are still amateur look and feel , it's hard to get people attention and ask for money.


    I played some game demo, and i was totally convinced about the game, on where it will go the overall quality of the demo was just pro quality, and i was sure to bet money on a winning game.


    At lest this is what makes me keep following some indie game or just ignore it.


    Exposing your game too early is a big mistake.

  15. Why not proposing :

    - "Character"

    Each character we import the physics will be Character most of the time.


    - Hit box physics

    HitBox are something to use for FPS games , making possible to attach Hitboxes to bones and adjust them could be a good addition also.


    Anyway, this wireframe mode is great.

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