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  1. I changed another character textures and again the same bug I saved to another map name but the material is still the old not the new one, at run time it is a problem or with the saving of the map or model and material association.
  2. It did not happened with another character. Strange , perhaps intern memory or pointers problem happened. Thread can be closed perhaps.
  3. I know shader as the mix function, but it uses a fixed value we put in the shader for the percentage of mixing textures. But it is possible to do it throught time and control it ? I mean yo have some character with fire texture and with some user action like keypressed , the texture fade to another ice texture on diffuse map and on glow map. Pressing another key , the texture would fade from ice to fire.
  4. Thanks Shadmar, why not naming it with a name like "2D animation tiles" if it can play 2D image tiles sequences ? When we see fire pit we think more of particle effects.
  5. Why it is not on the workshop ?
  6. So Unity i a super game maker if you consider such tool as not needed or not common used. I don't consider tools like : shader, cinematic, mecanim, states behaviour, time line editor etc ... as game maker, but project boosters and gigantic project time saviours. Coder and 3d artist, we can't understand each other on 3D engines i think Creating the game in LE3 and compared to some other 3D engines workflow, i just post a suggestion when i see some feature or tool is like missing. I am not asking make this tools , it is just some 3D artist feedback that Josh is free to drop it or consider it for later.
  7. It works but only if it is saved as a new file. If i add particle to the model and save it to overwrite the old prefab, the saved overwritten prefab don't have particles at runtime. Only saving as a new prefab file and it works, so i think there is some problem with prefab saves that can happen at some point where you can only save as a new file name to get last changes.
  8. Is there some out of the box in LE3, ready to use functions without needing to code it ? like LoadAnimTexture( .. ... , xSizeUnit, ySizeUnit) PlayAnimTexture(speed) We don't have that for playing animation effects we could import. So this is why i asked Gif as a workaround solution.
  9. I saved the map as a new map and changed the character material to a developper blue material. The change in the map worked for the runtime game, than changing again the character material it worked. It is a problem with map saving not saving changes at some point.
  10. I changed the material on a character , in the editor it is the new material. When i run the game it uses some old map version : - it uses the old material - it uses two characters , but only one is in the scene new version Saving again the map, re launch LE3 has no effect.
  11. I changed only the texture on a mode character and it changed the size of the child object hitbox when i re opened the level map.
  12. Ready for action (thanks tp Blender rigging with symmetry and auto weight)
  13. This shader should be part of LE3.
  14. We could have the choice. For me it's a pain, as i need to attach to characters only 2 percent of the developping time. If it is robot, building or structure hierarchy , i won't attach anything also, so displaying the hierarchy just annoys scene lisibility.
  15. I made a particle attached it as child to a model that has a script. When the game runs , the particle is not visible or started. I also tried in the parent script to init the particle with Play() , but it also does not work. function Script:Start() self.effect = self.entity:FindChild("effect") self.effect:Play() end
  16. Particle size is affected when they are parented to some entity.
  17. Main gameplay is ok, it needs a fps player model.
  18. Ability to load Gifs and to play them with parameters like : -speed -scaling Or is Gif format to avoid ?
  19. I just tried your syntax if self.state == "idle" then self.animationmanager:SetAnimationSequence(self.state,0.02,200) end if self.state == "walk" then self.animationmanager:SetAnimationSequence(self.state,0.05,200) end if self.state == "attack1" then if self.attackType == 1 then self.animationmanager:SetAnimationSequence("attack1",0.05,200,1,self,attack1Done) else self.animationmanager:SetAnimationSequence("attack2",0.05,200,1,self,attack1Done) end end It doesn't work good and worst than keeping "self." . Keeping all anims calls in UpdateWorld all just works good. I posted some example , you can play with it.
  20. I don't know, but i just expect a simple light to not interfere with a physic object. The script is just a physics moving script attached to a physic sphere , than the light is added as child of the sphere. Without the light the sphere movement is ok.
  21. I have a prefab fireball moving , but adding a light to the prefab fireball and it just no more moves. How to test : Dezip in directory "test" at your project root load map "prefabTest.map" Launch to see fireball just not moving Change fireball prefab of the yellow launcher to "fireball.pfb" to see fireball without lights moving. test.zip
  22. I have some image effect and i need the X mirror version so i need to create a second texture. Context Draw image would be great to have image options like : - mirror X - mirror Y - scaling Why not rotate ?
  23. The image is not colored when it is drawn on screen. Here is my PostRender code : if self.drawAttack then context:SetBlendMode(Blend.Alpha) local posX = math.floor((context:GetWidth() - self.imageAttack:GetWidth()))/2 local posY = math.floor((context:GetHeight() - self.imageAttack:GetHeight()))/2 context:DrawImage(self.imageAttack, posX, posY) context:SetBlendMode(Blend.Solid) end
  24. I have that : world=World:Create() world:SetLightQuality((System:GetProperty("lightquality","2"))) Than search on official API, but nothing about to set up anti aliasing or shadow quality manually , or are they on some topic i didn't find ?
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