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  1. Joypad support is only on workshop, still usefull. So audio format via addon workshop would still be valid and super usefull.
  2. Hitbox time. Kept simple for arcade game.
  3. It is like texture compression without it the game is becoming too big Example sounds i have is 10 Mo in Wav , and it turns to 1Mo in Ogg for example. Anyone made Ogg support in LE3 using a free lib and C++ already ? (It would be great to have that as some addon in the workshop)
  4. I have some .wave sound that works in media player , but that fails to load in LE3 , playing it it says the sound is nil value. attack.zip
  5. When we work with sounds, we can't play to preview them. It would be more than usefull to be able to play sounds from the editor.
  6. Wolf are finished, just need sound and effect ( + some retexturing later) The second character gameplay is stuck about fireball collisions bug ? if someone can have time to test it ? http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/13415-collision-and-prefab-not-working/#entry94320 EDIT : to workaround the collision bug i just used a mode instead of a brush.
  7. Goto object works in all views , not in perspective view.
  8. I posted the example, see it by yourself if you have time.
  9. A prefab with script moves and collides then it is realeased. The same prefab loaded by another script just does not collides ? it seems a bug. Just dezip it as a new directory "test" in your project root folder and launch the map file. test.zip
  10. Instead of calling a sub function i kept animations call in UpdateWorld() and it works great now. function Script:UpdateWorld() ... ... ... if self.canAttack == true and self.state == "idle" then self.state = "attack" self.animationmanager:SetAnimationSequence("attack",0.02,200,1,self,self.stopAttack,30) end if self.state == "idle" then self.animationmanager:SetAnimationSequence("idle",0.02) end ... ... end I spend the day try to figure out something that should work , but doesn't work in Lua, i like less and less Lua. It is really too permissive allowing many errors and can go weird and not work sometimes. Bring on BlitzMax
  11. Zbrush, caus it runs really fast on my small laptop.
  12. It would be more easy gameplay to code than FPS game.
  13. I already display the state, when it displays idle the animation plays, when it displays attack the animation is like stuck on first frame or trying to start. context:DrawText(self.state, 20, 430) I'm stuck for now
  14. I added lats frame of animation as parameter , but it is no changes. self.animationmanager:SetAnimationSequence("attack",0.02,200,1,self,self.EndAttack,30)
  15. The code is too simple , but perhaps i don't see something ? function Script:UpdateWorld() self.delay =Time:GetCurrent()- self.attackDelayTimer if self.enabled == true then --timer if Time:GetCurrent()- self.attackDelayTimer > self.attackDelay then self.canAttack = true self.attackDelayTimer = Time:GetCurrent() end if self.canAttack == true and self.state == "idle" then self.state = "attack" end self:animations() self.canAttack = false end end function Script:animations() if self.state == "attack" then self.animationmanager:SetAnimationSequence("attack",0.02,2000,1,self,self.EndAttack) --self.animationmanager:SetAnimationSequence("attack",0.02) end if self.state == "idle" then --self.animationmanager:SetAnimationSequence("walk",0.03,50,0,self,self.EndIdle) self.animationmanager:SetAnimationSequence("walk",0.03,50,0,self,self.EndIdle) end end function Script:EndIdle() end function Script:EndAttack() self.state = "idle" end
  16. I have a test project just for this animation project. -Dezip all files and put all in "Models" project folder -Open map level file "animationDebug.map" and launch the game The goal is to have the attack animation playing entirely and the other animation playing when the state is not "attacking". exportdebug.zip
  17. When i use the following code, the "attack" animation just not terminate, it plays only the beginning ? Any idea ? self.animationmanager:SetAnimationSequence("attack",0.02,10000,1,self,self.EndAttack) I tried many values for blending , it is better with bigger values , still it never plays the animation entirely.
  18. Thanks , coding is not my best area.
  19. I use that following modified script and i have a player with teamid = 1 , i'm curious why it doesn't work ? --find the player local entities = GetEntityNeighbors(self.entity,10000,true) local k,entity for k,entity in pairs(entities) do if entity.script~=nil and entity.script.teamid~=1 and entity.script.teamid==1 then self.debugteam = 1 if entity.script.health>0 then self.target = entity:FindChild("hitBoxPlayer") end end end When i read self.debugteam after this function it has value = 0 ?
  20. It is just practice, and you have tools to help you like mixamo or you can buy animations (only animation retargetting is missing in LE3). coding time
  21. Animation time for fire mage character
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