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  1. It works, thank you for your help Shadmar.
  2. I deleted the Cube brush, and maked a new one from menu and not copying some cube, and there is no more collision problem. The thread can be closed.
  3. FPS Player script usage with 8 parameters : self.entity:SetInput(rotY, self.playerMovement.z, self.playerMovement.x, jump , false, 1.0, 0.5, true) The documentation with 6 parameters explained : Entity::SetInput Syntax void SetInput(float angle, float move, float strafe=0, float jump=0, bool crouch=false, float maxaccel=1) Does someone knows what are the other two variables ?
  4. YouGroove

    The Borrower

    I had to read the game description to understand how to play. But this is a good game start. Now the bad things : - getting the fire power should not shut down the torch flame , this looks weird as if you release the power the flame start again in the torch - The flashLight system should be always on , at least a minimal light like the player had some lightening power making light around him , because it is too dark to move around without it. - You need icons when some flame power can be grabbed or some object can be grabbed otherwise it is hard to understand some interaction is pos
  5. Using the character controller and walking is ok, but jumping from a height the character sink a little on the floor, and readjust later if it keeps walking around. The code is standard self.entity:SetInput(rotY, self.playerMovement.z, self.playerMovement.x, 0, false, 0.8) EDIT : This is BSP imprecision and i use a BSP in some non common way, as i have a very big cube as BSP for the floor. Just walking around when going further the character starts to sink on the floor even without jumping.
  6. I had the same Sci Fi game prototype and on my laptop i had the main character using LE3 character controller becoming very unresponsive with long deceleration and too slow accelerations when using faster movement speed. I thaught it was the level complexity or the laptop , because it runs just good on a powerfull machine. I made my own character controller, with it's own deceleration system and surprise there is no lagging physics and quick custom deceleration , unlike LE3 default character controller on the same map level in my laptop 1) I use a 3d detailled sphere model as the
  7. There is only Max file source, but we are not all 3DS Max users. Could it be possible to provide the generic character as obj format please ? This help having it on the modeler as reference for what we build.
  8. Big environments to climb or jump from is great.
  9. I need to scale UV of each buildings depending on it's size in some uniform way. It is some object size parameter for objects in shader code ?
  10. Going more modular to maximum flexibility :
  11. Another modular work, the key to fast level making,
  12. When we delete a model we replace or no more use, LE3 should delete physic and meta files perhaps. It is better to keep a project source folders not overgrowing too fast.
  13. It is a problem with camera coordinates projection, ad we expect reflection on the whole surface. Just do like me and copy and change some developper material to test it.
  14. 1) I create a material and choose a shader and textures. 2) i create a new material and choose the same shader , it auto assign the same textures as the previous material And we can reset the textures as the slots are empty and no available button to remove the texture
  15. Another problem using a simple texture and normal map it makes artifacts depending on camera distance. I am not a shader coder, i will just wait for some tested working version.
  16. I recalculated, but they still look bad and moving the camera the reflections still changes reflections.
  17. I applied your changes Shadmar, but the reflection is still depending on camera position Also is the reflection half mixed with diffuse map or can we control in some way how much it reflects ?
  18. I changed the last line, still the effect is very strange ad the reflections depends on the camera height or movement it makes on part reflective and another part not reflective. Is there something specific i missed ?
  19. The normal map deos not display when a model has some part on shadows, even with ambient light.
  20. I put one on texture 5 slot , but nothing happens. I was seeking some reflective material effect for static models not animated. LE3 is not able to have buidling windows reflective like this simple shader ? How can we do ?
  21. For big heads only lol
  22. Actually LE3 is unusable with models that are tiled to some unit and snap together. For example i kept Blender default unit, but in LE3 the snapping has always two units above or under. We should be able to specify the lenght of the snapping value at any time to be able to position wit LE3 snapping any tiled models.
  23. I am seeking a simple full reflection shader , just reflecting a skybox texture. Does anyone has that working in LE3 with last version ?
  24. I find that LE3 official shader "diffuse+normal+specular+env" just don't produce no environment effect at all.
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