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  1. Thanks guys, i can try making some car test. I also just thaught Car physics should be more exposed on the site as a tutorial on the new tutorial section.
  2. I wanted to try some things, but where are car tutorial or example files ? No official support on the site ?
  3. YouGroove

    Character Sketches

    Perhaps you can ask cleverly a guy with no mask and no hair and no accessories on the head. The community can make some hats , helmets or hair , sun googles , radio headphones etc ... for the soldier , it should not be super complicated i think. It is just small modding like Team Fortress 2 items.. If you provide source materials : FBX and Tga textures, people will be able to change the outfits colors in a painting program or add patterns using masks or draw damage to turn them in soldier zombies. This small and easy customisation can be made by the community in some workshop.
  4. YouGroove

    Character Sketches

    3 with hat is the best. If the artist can make hat, helmet , short hair or long hair as separate items it would be the best as people will be able to change them in the prefab to make variations in no time. Also two or three textures sets for clothes like camo and uniform color cloth fabric, why not for the head a separate material with two or three different textures at choice, this would be even better. Easy fast customisation is the key for assets. It is just some personnal opinion only.
  5. That's good, but people can't use decals or features using depth buffer Opengl if they have AMD cards Perhaps another way to code the depth buffer could avoid that graphics glitches ?
  6. Do you have the problem in some empty scene with a camera and some floor BSP cube ?
  7. I tried RigidBody and Props , putting a mass of 5 also, this had no effect the particles kept their vertical velocity without falling down.
  8. When i rotate the camera on some angles the glitches doesn't show, perhaps it is related to the view and new depth buffer. and it affects models only. I found the problem : OPENGL and AMD doesn't like decals When you add a decal , red lines appear around models, so this is Depth Buffer bug.
  9. This is some custom code in LE3 that makes the problem, i got Unreal 4 or Unity 5 running and some effects demos on my laptop without any graphic glitches.
  10. It is missing when you design a particle emitter directly in the editor that don't have script attached or controlling it.
  11. SetOmgea blocks rotation only if your physic model has SetGravityMode to false. Thread can be closed.
  12. I updated my project and the last changes made the PBR style shader only reflect in a side of the models with a strange reflection.
  13. YouGroove

    Droid planet

    Nope . i have only one texture and one material for the droid : How to do it : - start to make objects in the modeler like one wing , one bolt etc ... only the originals before duplicating - UV each object - So i have each individual pieces floating in space and ready to be used - I join all objects as one object , and i press Unwrap and i will get a UVmap with all the objects of the library if we could say that. Than i just select individual sub meshes of the object and i duplicate and move them to assemble the final Many pieces of the model are duplicated like wings, bolts etc ... and they share the same texture space. For example i make one Wing and i UV map it, then i duplicate it as much as i need , so each new duplicated objcet will share the same UV as the original in the texture. This tips was more towards beginners as i seen people modeling a buggy for example and UV all pieces even duplicated ones, for example there was four UV spaces for each tire, that was a waste of space as they could UV one tire only than duplicate it.
  14. YouGroove

    Droid planet

    Some quick insight on the workflow i use for mecanic models. -To modelise fast i keep a pre made personnal library of basic shapes of different and common resolutions. So most of the time i just duplicate the piece i need than i start working using extrude, bevel and other functions. Select a shape and press SHIFT + D is lot more faster then going on menus and i have a already good scaling also. Cylinder already rotated vertical and horizontal is for example a small detail , but it spares me lot of manipulations. To make your model, think in modular way if possible - Make only one version of bolts ,wings etc ... duplicate them , but just UV and texture the original version. - Also when your model is ok, you can duplicate individual pieces and position the in space separated from the main model to be able to paint quickly with a better view It will be more easy to paint on the model and on all areas of individual pieces more quickly. 3D coat has some fantastic PBR procedural materials somewhat like substance painter. You can duplicate them, and tweak all parameters from erosion, edge scatering , masks etc ... That's it , happy modeling
  15. YouGroove

    Droid planet

    The drone revisited, i just shows how much research and concept phase is important when you are making models. (still 3Dcoat problem with metalness import)
  16. In some cases water reflection is too much strong , perhaps some adjustale reflection could be usefull ?
  17. The bugs are still present on my AMD laptop, they didn't existed before. In the editor they appear only on some camera angles, that's strange.
  18. 3 hours trying things with Blender, only fun
  19. YouGroove


    @Olby It is not to 3D engines to provide you how to make good characters and animations, there is thousands of tutorial over internet for every tool like Blender, Maya ,Sculptris, Zbrush ... and for generators like MakHuman, Poser, Daz3D ,Mixamo etc ... If you want to make custom specific characters for your game looking good, then you'll have to follow tutorials and practice a lot , only that. practice and practice a lot. You have great tutorials like Digital Tutors, and once you get the basics you are free to make anything you like. I don't think LE3 must have a goal to teach people how to make characters or buildings. I made tutorials in the past for LE3 , but the interest was not so big and that didn't braught 3D artists to LE3 neither. The best way for serious projects , is to find a 3D artist to work with you. Rick is the perfect example of coder that found a great 3D artist, so now they are a small but complete team. Otherwise, advanced next gen characters packs for LE3, can only be good as graphics is what 3D engines must show at is best to make a good impression to future buyers.
  20. Som improved version with better metal look
  21. This is never too late, it could be a long term replacement for Lua, as Lua is lot more prone to errors and lacks many great things Bmax has like OO and Classes, plus a better integrated IDE (and some advanced IDE you can buy for 20 bucks).
  22. Decals is not multitexture, it is a texture drawn above already textured geometry, it is not the same technique. If LE3 don't have multitexture shaders i don't see the interest , also this tools should be integrated in the 3D world editor to paint multitextures on your models direclty. Also i don't think majority of the people would really use it, as it is only a small feature mainly aimed at level designers and 3d artists.
  23. Ok i understand. Still for the common way of one material per model , be able to open the material directly on a model we have selected would be usefull.
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