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  1. Updated to last LE3 version. PBR new.zip
  2. Many times , when you need to switch a shader or change a texture on a model you selected , you must seek the material on your project and you loose unecessary time,specially if you have multiple materials directories ( per scene levels of your game for example). Why not displaying the material in Appearence tab , clicking on that new material field would open the material editor to allow us change texture, shader or parameters quickly.
  3. Thread can be closed. It was a problem wwith the custom PBR like shader in fact, after re launching LE3 and the game all models are equally lightened.
  4. I have updated a project and a directionnal light only affects models and not terrain or CSG.
  5. l got also a new graphic glitch not present before Beta update.
  6. Running fps demo the decal has some issues. It is related to same Z buffer isssue i had with water and terrain on my laptop ?
  7. The same laptop i always used, i never had that issue with LE3. Before the update i didn't had this issue. Does it means i need to upgrade drivers ? this laptop runs any 3d today games without problems. Radeon 7600M series.
  8. I just tested LE3 beta on my same laptop and it is running really slower compared to yesterday with default main.lua. I could have 30 fps at level start and some places, but now it's between 10 and 25 fps. There is also a new bug like red lines around objects appearing from time to time.
  9. @reepblue There is more important tools for 3d artists like some easy to use cinematic editor , visual programming tool for non coders working on the project, animation timeline editor , State machine and animations managers like Unity Mecanim. This is a huge helper for AI and states. Anyway like you said LE3 is more programmer oriented so coders just code the tools they need. @BES It has been requested long time ago and it is not possible to rivalize with engines using Umbra 3 culling engine or other optimisation systems. But still there is some strange bottlenecks in LE3 as a simple scene is expected to run fast on older hardware that is able to run bigger and more complex games scenes. If some people targets older but capable 3D cards or laptops with LE3 , it's just a bad choice from start as Unity for example will run really fast on that hardware where LE3 struggles a lot. But if you target people with average good 3D cards like some 200$ GTX 960 there is no more performance problems, as with many lights and multiple active characters on my sci fi prototype LE3 game i keep a good constant frame rate. So LE3 runs really well and fast on good hardware, but it is just not made for old (but capable) 3D cards or laptops.
  10. They look good. Are they done all in Blender , modeling/sculpting ?
  11. @reepblue LE3 is just asking too much power to run the simple FPS demo blocking at 30 fps , while on my laptop while i run Crysis sdk demo island with some decresed settings at same 30 fps, and that island demo has a tons of things going on from advanced lightening/effects/shaders/water/ennemies/real time GI/PBR. If LE3 was displaying PBR, advanced lightening , GI, using reflection probes and shaders, tone mapping , eye adapation , natural bloom , quality DOF and many other advanced effects i would say it's ok to see 30 or 15 fps, but LE3 just display basic lightening and shaders and no advanced quality effects. Why my game should ask a big or medium PC while it just display old shaders and simple lightening ? should i not make the game in UE4 instead to have a really lot better looking game running at the same speed ? you can't convince 3d artists running LE3 fps demo slower than UE4 FPS demo runing with more features and shaders and looking better. We are not on the same side of game dev, i am lot more in the high level tools side and 3d art making and animations, so like with coders we will never understand each other, and we don't expect same tools or engine features simply Anyway there is still lot of people and coders needing simple to use engine , with simple pipeline, that don't care about GI or PBR or could not use them and prefer simple normal/specular shader , so LE3 like some other small engines are the response to that need. I see the plugin system and gameplay DLC as the real priority for LE3, but it is just my opinion not adapated to coders opinion enjoying LE3. So no need to pay attention to my opinion and no need to justify anything, you like chocolate and i just perfer vanilla
  12. @Roland : That's good games also , no need for violence to have amazing games (Journey or Flower on PS3 as examples). You can still make traps and dangers you need to avoid , put some creatures to avoid or use something to make them move out of your way. And why not adding some few NPC with some conversation this will help to add more life to your game. http://store.steampowered.com/app/294440 Can't wait to see first screenshots
  13. PBR is a simple normal evolution of graphics, nothing dictated as we had textures before , then came normal maps that became standard after some time. And cames now PBR that is already standard even on small engines like Paradox or Jmonkey engine. GI and Sub Surface Scattering are also becoming more and more a standard ,something that exists from long time with Crysis engine, At some point LE3 will have to incorporate PBR, because all tools will only do PBR materials today : Blender, Photoshop and DDO, 3D Coat , Substance, Mari etc ... The Diffuse/specular workflow is no more used, we use roughness and metalness attributes to display real materials. There is still amazing stylized games not using PBR and doing great : Shadow Complex, Limbo, Journey etc ... It really depends if you target super realistic materials or if you give more importance to gameplay or target simpler graphics or a special style or fast to make graphics. What i would see as LE3 priority : 1- Better integrated Lua editor 2- Vegetation with wind parameters 3- Full GUI system 3 bis- Performance improvments (UE4 FPS demo runs faster then LE3 fps demo on my laptop or PC) 4- Plugin system : to have LE3 extend a lot and quickly, until then it will progress too slowly, and all future templates or editor extensions will rely on Josh only. Even Unity has opened some parts as open source 5- The flowgraph tool is just left as it is and it would need a good attention and some revamp like the ability to declare or change variables values in the flowgraph directly ,why not flowgraphs per object ? 6- Better physics or 3d engine : for example joint ball with the base joint moving is impossible and makes the engine crash , so we can't make simple hair physics or clothes physics for characters using joints . Some old games having such faked physics really shine , even today. 7- Improved prefabs ( putting multiple simple physics child objects in a prefab and it will go crazy when instanced) 7 bis - Physics collision layers and some graphic table set up to say what layer collide with what other (more easy to setup collision) And later PBR and GI , why not. LE3 is one of the most easy with Lua and one of the most easy framework, or when you are a coder or want full control on the engine , new features are coming in a good way recenlty , it would just need more DLC (level art and models, weapon and script , character and AI , car and AI , complete template games etc ...) for all beginners to start. This is just my opinion on PBR and LE3 , and because i am full buzzy on Unity and i am more a 3d artist then coder perhaps it is not a good opinion at all on these points , so don't take it too seriously
  14. Good i'll have to find the time to change it and re upload.
  15. Diffuse/normal/specular/glow shader is no more working.
  16. It seems the fake PBR didn't like last updates. http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/viewitem?fileid=401506836 Anyway if it is complicated i will simply change to standard shaders or another stylized graphics.
  17. Thanks. It's 3D coat direct FBX export of a model that was not centered. It would be great to have in the model editor some visual feedback about models : - some grid or units display to visualize if your model is too big or too small - button to center camera to mesh center
  18. This is not the model as the model editor displays correctly. Anyway here is the file (FBX + MDL) rocks.zip
  19. I have a rock model that displays well in the mdoel editor, but don't appear in the editor. Even scaling the model up a lot, nothing is visible in wireframe views.
  20. As you see the code above it's pretty simple and forward. Anyway it doesn't work this way. The other problem is Follow() with bad accelerations many times near the goal point, i'm thinking about having three raycast on the character one forward and two 45° left and right to detect and have some smooth dynamic obstacle avoidance and others ennemys avoidance.
  21. Yes, it works using Show() and Hide() on both player and ennemy. I expected SetPickMode() to work and find that strange behaviour if you change PickMode() on both characters when they do a RayCast.
  22. I have a player and some ennemy entitie, to have raycast from both working able to detect each other i must only hide one entity like the player before calling Raycast. This code below have the player unable to detect the ennemy using raycast , while the ennemy detect the player. Ennemy function Script:RaycastPlayer() self.entity:SetPickMode(0) self.hitbox:SetPickMode(0) ... self.entity:SetPickMode(1) self.hitbox:SetPickMode(1) end Player function Script:Raycast() self.entity:SetPickMode(0) self.hitbox:SetPickMode(0) ... self.entity:SetPickMode(1) self.hitbox:SetPickMode(1) end So the solution was to start the raycast begin point outside of the ennemy collision box , so i don't need to call Hide Ennemy function Script:RaycastPlayer() -- self.entity:SetPickMode(0) -- self.hitbox:SetPickMode(0) ... -- self.entity:SetPickMode(1) -- self.hitbox:SetPickMode(1) end With only the player calling Hide() i have the player and ennemy able to detect each other using Raycast. The question : Are the scripts called simultaneously ? because it seems calling Hide() on the ennemy occurs when the player have also called Hide() already.
  23. @cassius : Making a game based on your nightmare won't help you to get a better sleep
  24. If it's just starting on mutliple prototype, it can be good then , because it will help you find at some point what prototype you want to push into a complete game. The most important is not the 3D engine , but making a project that drives and motivates you. Also you should avoid targetting a game looking like ones made by 50 people veterans, or you will never finish it, the right thing to do is to sacle down the models complexity, characters complexity and graphics to your level and begin from here. There is some great stylized games with clever level design doing great like the games Journey or Flower on PS4. Have fun it's what matters
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