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  1. No more escuses to not show a game or a prototype now
  2. This is a problem i find long time ago, it's a core problem with LE3 and physics I made a TPS and the character had very jurky physics using UpdatePhysics, while it was running smoothly on the level putting all movement code in UpdateWorld. Also you don't need anymore camera smoothing by code as UpdateWorld don't make physics jittering.
  3. @Roland : LE3 is as demanding as Unreal 4 On my PC and old 3D card : Radeon HD 6500 LE3 FPS demos was too slow game , some real slowdowns to 15 Fps sometimes with vsync to false and 1024*768 and simple quality. I changed to a GTX 970 and i got a constant 60 fps with vsynch on. If you want to be confortable you must upgrade.
  4. That's awesome to see that vegetation is on the right track. Tesselation is good but i would keep it as an option in games because it's pumping too much GPU power sometimes. Decal , yes they are coming bringing the possibility to add lot of variations to levels or used as traditionnal decals , that's great. Does decals means, soft particles would be possible in LE3 in the future ?
  5. I tried 2.5D without character controller and i thaught you was doing the same.
  6. Why not setting Velocity=0 on Z axis also to avoid the Z movement ? Did you manage to get jumping movement also blocked in X axis ? Do you have some complete character controller script example ? i would like to try it and see if it really works in all situations
  7. I'm like many people that don't like to have their important software dependent of a selling platform like Steam. And Blender remains an open source first : blender.org
  8. Yes with new features : https://www.blender.org/features/2-75/ Some interesting stuff made with Blender A creature sculpting timelapse
  9. YouGroove

    Droid planet

    They look better with some emissive shader
  10. It's confusing, and new comers should not have to read a shader to know what textures to use in what channel, i hope LE3 will improve the material editor some day on that point I was making a shader and i got to find this post to know how to use the shader, there was no doc anything showing what slots to use for shaders.
  11. YouGroove

    Droid planet

    I made dangerous flying droids flying in their own zone, they fly patroling randomly between their own 3D pivots points. They will stay high in the air and fire at some range when the player is visible (raycast). Textures is WIP (more work on normal map and colors can change) 3D coat PBR : LE3 model editor : In game :
  12. Asset panel : - Right click menu : add "Import" as new menu item - Right click on a model and choosing "Create new material" it will create a material with the name of the selected model Scene panel : - In 3D view : double click a 3D model , the scene panel if displayed will jump to the selected model in the hierarchy. Or propose in the 3D view context menu a menu item "GOTO" that makes the same thing. Material editor : - Have the material editor changing it's slots names depending on the select shader. (the slots names could be found as some special comments in the shader file). Otherwise we have to open shader file to know what slots are used.
  13. Will terrain holes be possible ? btw, it looks really good and trilinear is a great addition to no more see distortions on vertical cliffs. keep up the good work.
  14. YouGroove

    Droid planet

    Difficulty increase with spawners
  15. Here is an example map : - put the map file on your map directory - put omega.lua on your Scripts/Objects directory - run the game The cube will rotate to the ground slowly, like SetOmega() was overridden each frame Omega.zip
  16. you have a complete tools like RTS creator based on Leadwerks engine already , this is the way to go if you have any serious plan to make a big RTS game. http://store.steampowered.com/app/327490/?
  17. I made the cylinders with LE3 BSP system. So the problem is when we use BSP Cylinders as entities. BSP perhaps contains data and stuff that makes happen this problem.
  18. It seems only cylinders have that physic problem.
  19. A simple physic cylinder with no script and it's final position in gale is not aligned to the ground ? The map is provided to test, just download it and run it. cylinderproblem.zip
  20. I tested this script and SetOmega don't work anymore. How to test : - Open any game level - Create a new cylinder BSP with physics = "prop" and mass = "1" - Create a new script and add the code below - Attach script to the cylinder and run the game function Script:UpdatePhysics() omeg = Vec3(0,0,0) self.entity:SetOmega(omeg,true) end When your character collides and pushes the cylinder, the cylinder rotates in any axis( SetOmega() has no effect).
  21. YouGroove


    It would be great to have grass density exposed to the editor and as a dynamic variable that could be changed at runtime like Unity can do. Be able to let users change grass density in game options is standard in games today.
  22. YouGroove

    Droid planet

    Aerial Missiles Drone
  23. Yes macklebee seems the better solution specially allowing a tileable texture that should look lot better. Finally i find other solutions : - Like Dead Space having life bar incorporated in the armor like some 3D glowing segments , the more life you have , more segments are glowing - 3D planes on top or on side vertically of the player with a shifting UV texture displaying , they would only be displayed when you are hit or when your shield is regenrating - 3D armor texture damage : the more damaged you are the more the armor texture is altered , it could be a special shader blending some textures - 3D spark particles : the more energy sparks are visible, the more your character is damaged , and sparks turning from blue to some dark blue and yellow color would mean only another small damage is allowed I find these instant feedback solutions are better for a TPS game as you have instant feedback without needing to look upper screen for health bars.
  24. Thanks. It is mainly shader code snippets, im' not super shader coder, if someone have this or another exemple code it would be more usefull for non coders. I think more about the ability to have a HUD bar container as a mask and the HUD bar itself beeing a simple texture scrolling shifting UV.
  25. YouGroove

    Better HUD

    I made some shield HUD bar that recharges when you are not hit after some time, but it looks rather basic Does someone made better ones for their games using a better technique like using some 3D plane or some shader UV shifting a texture ?
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