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  1. When you have player and lot of characters having their childs tree hierarchy displayed by default , we have to close them each time one by one otherwise you scroll kilometers on the scene panel (And you loose lot of time unecessary) So it is possible to have LE3 stop opening display hierarchy until we open it to view it ?
  2. Duplicating a model with "CTRL" and drag mouse, the new models loosed a field value that was an entity.
  3. Esenthel or FPS Creator support paid items from years, finally LE3 is catching the train
  4. YouGroove

    Droid planet

    Some free time working on AI and Raycast debugging.
  5. Will vegetation system be released before the end of summer contest ?
  6. Roads was in LE 3.2 , Josh has the code to adapat it to LE3, but it's not priority and vegetation i think is lot more important feature indeed. For network many people using C++ implemented a C++ library, you could do it or wait for some LE3 store and perhaps some people will sell a solution. Even Unreal guys can't bring all features that any people are asking each time after each release, it's just not possible Critical features : - Integrated UI system - Character custom collisions shapes - Physic ragdoll Would be great : - Some GI system (static or dynamic) to avoid full black shadows looking really bad for interiors specially (Godot,Panda and Cube 2 engines already have that) - Plugins system for the editor Additionnal wishes but not essential : - Better up to date physic engine with more features (ball joints center can't be moved for example in LE3) LE3 goal is to stay lightweight and easy to learn and use, even for beginners and new comers. And actual priority is docs , gameplay templates and LE3 store, i think these are lot more important features for the long term and needed before bringing new engine features. We will ask Gamecreator to make a new poll after all next releases has been done
  7. You only see the black side of things They are just advertising LE3 to lot more people doing that. and after installing a malware, these people will be more tempted to buy LE3 to have ti run good and have all updates. Even people that don't know LE3 a lot will try that than finally be tempted to buy LE3. They are good LE3 advertisers in fact
  8. Will it be imrpoved and developped ? or will it juts goes free and that's it ?
  9. Something other 3D engines don't have problems with same names multiple times in the scene hierarchy as they use unique ID This must be a joke It seems not
  10. YouGroove

    Icon Design

    Why not proposing several themes ? or customizable icons that woule be placed in some folder ?
  11. You have to pay 18$ also for clothing addon. Knowing Adobe and their subscription system i'm not suprised it's not totally free, and you must pay to get complete usable content. That's good for prototyping, i don't like generic 3D characters without personnality.
  12. Reading Josh post it just seems Linux is still more complicated and consuming lot more time then Windows. Be rassured , i'm not the LE3 Linux developper , and this is not the topic here. The only thing that has not been removed and that i want is plugin feature to unleash LE3 power.
  13. Collisions detection and Raycast detection are the essential part of 3D games, without them there is no gameplay, some tutorials on that should help the beginners.
  14. Ten times more attention it seems Linux is just as annoying as Android. Windows and Mac only could have been the best option perhaps. If you make a vote, i think the majority of people will ask drag and drop instead of what you think is the best way.
  15. The problem is within the Pivot object in LE3 to take so much memory, compared to a really empty "node" object you can find in JME3. I doubt i'll have 2000 pivot in a scene level, specially when it's not a open world.
  16. Because drag and drop is how it is done on 3D engines, even on all windows software. A move with the mouse is always ten times faster then having to enter a name. Anyway, in a game it won't be thousand of entities scripts, so it should not ne so bothering. Still this is some workflow regression. Why not keeping the two options ? drag and drop and enter name This is some valid reason then, but i never got any problem on that side. If it helps LE3 beeing more bug free for majority people , then perhaps it's best that way.
  17. Anti fast workflow lol
  18. I'm not making FPS games, i don't need crouch , read again If you don't see what is character custom collisions and using a navmesh independent of character collisions and size , jut take a look how it is done on Unity for example and how people manage that. Anyway it's just a very old topic and only a pure suggestion, i dig it up because making the voxel style game prototype i encountered the same old problem that LE3 has with character collisions. It's just a suggestion , nothing very needed as people make games in LE3 without any problem, so it's just a small personnal wish
  19. I have flickering ussues like door flickering, ceiling object or the big rounded button on the wall flickering tesing your game on my Radeon 6700. What is strange is that i don't have this issue on other 3D engines, or playing games. It's only happening on LE3, it seems that is some adjustements to be made in LE3 instead perhaps ?
  20. A pivot is an empty object and initialisation is just done one time at game start on the entity start() function, so i don't think it is some optimisation needed here. Benefit of pivot is having having game level modifications is also more easy as you just move pivots visually, and you can't loose lot of time gathering coordinates and enter them if you had a big level with thousand platforms. It would be anti level designer productivity
  21. If you make some open world or RPG game you will never have door cracks problems , specially if you use the Skyrim formula where indoor are loaded maps. Yes the FindPath() would be usefull in Lua. And for beginners a new character controller allowing any physic size. Most people are making FPS games in LE3 , so i think only few of us are disappointed with LE3 character controller rigid limitations (and we can only prototype on another 3D engine for characters, monsters etc ... and any collision sizes).
  22. Great news for 3D coat users A all in one software and super simple to use. http://3d-coat.com/3d-coat-45/ Key features introduced in 4.5: Physically Based Rendering & Smart Materials! Groups for Paint Layers! New Symmetry modes! Seamless painting over multiple UV meshes! Bas-relief and Undercuts now have Tapering angle. Useful for 3D-printing. AntiBump smoothing method for sculpting! Allows achieving ideally smooth surface even on a high-frequency detailing. Key Updates in 4.5: Multiple Paint Room changes, incl. Compatibility/GGX/Blinn-phong shading; HDR support for panoramas and a lot more. Numerous Retopo/UV/ Render Room Changes, incl. Retopo with symmetry improved; New Retopo tool – Scaleimplemented and a lot more. Multiple Sculpt Room Changes, incl. New style for Primitives UI; Constructor tool introduced; Tapering implemented and a lot more.
  23. He can easy make two solutions : 1) Access to Navmesh path points Give us a function returning the navemesh vertex data table. And we will use it with our own character sizes and collisions, we will make our own character physic movement. So we could simply use any physic shape and use our own radius and specific collision shape. 2) A simplified character controller without size restriction. A simplified character controller that won't care about collision, but that will only does it's job : make the character navigate on the navmesh. If your game is not some FPS and contains animals, creatures of any size, the actual LE3 character controller is not usable. Beginning the Voxel game style, i just found that this very old character controller is just too much restricted and make it not possible (see my picture above).
  24. If you use LE3 character controller you have the cylinder collision and you can't remove it And throwing any physic objects will collide with the cylinder where there is no character parts visible. LE3 would need to get flexibility about Character controller collision, or some option to disable character controller collision to use our own. It is too FPS centric today for characters and not suited for other RPG games when it comes to characters collision.
  25. LE3 is too much FPS centric compared to others 3D engines, it lacks flexibility on the character controller side. For example i have some ennemy and the character collision is just too bad, specially if you throw object at it , the collision will appear in the air without touching the ennemy visually. Why not proposing to Lua users : 1) a navigation function that would return all navigation points , so we could use navmesh data and use our own collision and physics movement. 2) a new character controller, not FPS centered (no crouch), that would use some adjustable collision capsule or our own collisions.
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