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  1. I think this is because your account is a "Developer" account, I purchased Leadwerks through Steam and the change my photo doesn't appear to be there.
  2. Update: Another way of solving this is to parent both the door and frame models to a pivot instead of one another and this causes the door model to retain its scaling factor.
  3. Hi All, I have a door frame and door model that I'm creating a prefab from. Both the door and frame models are larger than required, so inside the editor I dragged both objects into my world and applied a scaling factor to them. Then I dragged the door into the frame group, this all worked fine. However, when I attached the swinging door script to the door and activate it in game, the door goes back to the original scaling factor. I can solve this by scaling the models and reimporting them, but is this a bug because surely it obey the scaling factor as seen the in the WYSIWYG editor?
  4. This is due to permissions required to write within certain directories. I work as a software developer and used to encounter this problem until I started opening VS in admin mode by default. The only other alternative is to store the project in a non-protected directory e.g. my documents, a partition or USB device.
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