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  1. Hey as i actually switched from blitzmax to c# i would like to know some stuff:


    where can i find a smal doc how to use Leadwerks2 with c# (VS2010) ?

    its not easy to find since its all mixed with LE3 and stuff, maybe you should make 2 areas for LE2 and 3...


    and the other question,


    in blitzmax i was able to easy use all openGL functions just in leadwerks for easy draw 2d stuff and such.

    i think this is not possible with c# at all?

  2. Hey this is cool!

    Could you make some kind of exporter for it that exports some kind of voxel map of this?

    I mean just a binary file with inital height, witdth, depth and then the bits or as bytes(0 and 1 if there is a cube or not) would be enough.

    i would love to load this into my blockmap.

  3. Hey, i want to use the lugi thing for a server application wich is not using leadwerks at all.


    I found this on blitzmax forums:




    its from joshk smile.png


    i tried it with the following:



    Include "glue.bmx" 'the generated gluecode
    Global lua:TLua = New tlua 'create the tlua type
    Type test {expose}
    Method foo()
    	Print "say ausgefuehrt"
    End Method
    End Type


    the content of the str string is this: (moved it out for better reading)


    local dings = NewTest()


    the result that i got is:


    Lua error: [string "print("test:")..."]:3: attempt to index local 'dings' (a function value)


    executing a lua script works fine, but i the object pushing ist not working sad.png


    Dies someone knows what i made wrong?



    it looks like i just made an . instead of an :

    so nevermind this thread, and sorry for bugging.

  4. has same trouble with old notebook. You can try to update latest drivers for video, remove skinned meshes, cubemap reflections, terrain, all lights and buffer work from code - and Leadwerks maybe runs then.


    i tried that but it not worked :) well i grabbed a old gaming laptop from a friend that can handle this stuff so for testing this is okay =)

  5. Hey, actually i am building the geometry data of my map by myself with addvertex, addtriangle and stuff from a own geometry data type, this works great, and leadwerks made a well bether job than minib3d here.

    but well i saw there is now "updatenormals()" stuff here, so i thought i cannot make my stuff rotate before putting it into the surface, because the normals are messed up then.


    But when i rotate it with exacly 90° only, then it should be enough when i just swap 2 normal values of all verts before putting them into the surface?


    like when rotating for 90° then just for every vertex nx = nz and nz = ny ? and such? or is it not that simple?

    otherwise i would have to save 4 variants of the thingies

  6. The portal technology was as far as i know at first implemted by the game "Prey".

    i Loved that prey game when it was comming out, and then when i played portal from the orange box it feelt like prey without alines to me :)

  7. Personally, I prefer raycasting for all projectiles (bullets and rockets).


    If realism isn't important and you don't care about bullet drop, wind or air resistance then it's a lot faster, and for bullets, you don't even need to draw it - you can just draw a spark and a bullet hole where it hit.


    yea thats true, in my case it are not so fast bullets.

    Like rockets or something, that are needed to draw

  8. ah sad, i thought i just can define own functions to override the origina lua ones that are bad or something.


    I think on the other hand i will then make some kind of protocoll for the gui stuff and such.

    will be much more work but on the other hand its letting me more control over it

  9. Hey, is it possible to prevent some lua functions?


    Its the following scenario:


    i have a client and a dedicated server, where the gamelogic such as triggers or gui elements that the users can see are loaded and executed by that server or lua code is transfered to the client and runned there.


    Triggers will handled this way: when a player enteres a trigger area then on the serverside the onTrigger() function will be called, this works fine.


    also in some cases the server can send lua code to the clients and they run it then (usefull for gui stuff or if there are some scripted scenes/movie scenes)


    the target is that the client need nothing to download by himself, all comes via the server, the whole game logic so modders can write own game logic and just host a server with they stuff.


    But the problem i have is that lua can do also bad stuff, for example File operations, and so maybe some evil guys can hosts servers that are deleting files or creating files with stuff to the poeple that join they servers.


    can i prevent lua from allowing file operations and other evil stuff?

  10. when i want to have very small stuff, where i dont need to care about its shape because it are for example small bullets, what is then faster?

    BodyBox or BodySphere?


    i think a sphere just do raycast with a radius internally?

    i read that somewhere in the newton forums

    while box is doing racast from its edges or something?


    what would you prefer?

  11. hey, i dont think its possible but i just try to ask =)


    I wanted to use my little old laptop with that intel gma chipset for testing my character network synchronisation and stuff with a real network connection (not just


    But i cant start my game.exe since this thingie dont got that shader stuff.


    Is it anyhow possible to run it anyway? even when it looks like crappy **** i just want to test that network stuff =)

  12. For better performance you could use the zlib library to compress the textures and decompress them later.(The server has a kind of cache folder with the compressed new textures and the client only download them and decompress (decompressing with zlib is very fast.I had around 30MB/s)


    Actually i only compress the map chunk data, i thought dds would be compressed internally in any kind and so it would not bring alot?


    But thats a good idea to compress all files before transfer, i will do it.

    i wonder why i not thougt about that?^^

  13. i slaughtered a sample now for a quick & dirty test =)

    for now it seems to be fine, no bouncing and strange rotating or something.


    but it acts more like a spaceship in space then a person on ground.


    i mean it takes a while until it comes to speed, and then when i release the key it have a long way to brake.


    what am i doing wrong?


    i did this before the loop:


    Global testController:TController = CreateController()
    SetBodyMass(testController, 1)
    PositionEntity(testController, Vec3(15, 4, 15)) 'set it into the map
    EntityType(testController, 1)
    Collisions(1, 2, 1)'world is 2, entitys got 1
    Global move:Int = 0.0
    Global strafe:Int = 0.0


    and thats the loop:

    If KeyHit(KEY_ESCAPE) Exit
    If AppTerminate() Exit
    move = (KeyDown(KEY_W) - KeyDown(KEY_S)) * 5
    strafe = (KeyDown(KEY_D) - KeyDown(KEY_A)) * 5
    UpdateController(testController, 0.0, move, strafe)

  14. i want to check my entity VS those map terrain (somewhat minecraft like map)

    i use createBodyTree for the clipping parts of the blocks

    i dont think i can use simple aabb tests there, but maybe i should have ben said earlier


    but for now i improved something with that body stuff, i use moveEntity, and before every move i use setBodyVelocity with 0,0,0, and i force the angle of the mover body to stay like it is.


    maybe i will later have alot fun with that physics thingie so i think i just let it so for now.




    Why not use physics but just set mass to 0.0 on objects.


    i tried that, but then i got no collision, the body is allways red with the phyisc debug mode

  15. hm bounding boxes would not work since i got some kind complex terrain

    for now i use SetBodyVelocity and try it with that, but there is so much stuff that is annoying, i dont need/want all thet physic stuff and now i need to waste cpu/gpu time into this, and then i just force the values to some fixed ones ><


    seems i rly need to start over with that raycast stuff :)

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