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  1. hm bounding boxes would not work since i got some kind complex terrain for now i use SetBodyVelocity and try it with that, but there is so much stuff that is annoying, i dont need/want all thet physic stuff and now i need to waste cpu/gpu time into this, and then i just force the values to some fixed ones >< seems i rly need to start over with that raycast stuff
  2. is it possible to have collisions and stuff without need to use of phyisics? I want to move the entitys just with moveEntity() and stuff and check if they touched something. i know i can start now writing the raycasting stuff, but there is still all that stuff and i dont want to waste alot of time for making raycast tests, is it not possible to use it without body force stuff? i dont want them to fly around or falling down after a collision when i use apply force stuff, i just want them to have collisions, maybe slide but at all i just want the callback.
  3. Hey, for my actual game i made a lobby that is syncing the folder with the stuff for the game session, it syncing some .ini files, some .lua files and some very simple mesh files some shader.verts and a .mat file. it checks for MD5 sums and only syncs the neccesary files and stuff. This works very well and fast at all, but now i wanted to make modders able to also change textures for a game mod, and i wanted to let it sync the textures also, but that .dds files are very big, and a 4mb file takes alot of time to transfer for any reason. I use raknet for my network stuff and i write my
  4. tyvm that worked =) the one i now use is TEXFILTER_PIXEL, that one seems to be the GL_NEAREST one =)
  5. hi =) I would like to use the nearest texture filter, how can i get this texture parameters for a materials texture? glTexParameteri GL_TEXTURE_2D,GL_TEXTURE_MIN_FILTER,GL_NEAREST glTexParameteri GL_TEXTURE_2D,GL_TEXTURE_MAG_FILTER,GL_NEAREST or if this is not possible via the material file/functions, how can i acces a specific texture to bind it and make those settings? ty for your time =) all i found was this: material.GetTexture(0).reference.filter but changing that value has no result
  6. Hey, when i use GetVertexPosition() than i can get the vertex position of a vert in relation to the mesh, is there any function to get the position of a vertex in global? (where it is exacly in the world, not relative to the mesh) or do i need to calculate it? if i need to calculate, anyone got a code snipped or something left? =) do i just need to add the position of the mesh? but whats with rotation
  7. flirting is not allowed? 2baad
  8. This remembers me very hart on that i-novae engine from that invinity game. pooor that thsi game seems to be never released
  9. tbh is this just spam, but maybe some one up for a flirt
  10. You need the UV coordinates of the area that you want to draw, then you need the GL_TEXTURE_CORD_ARRAY state and you need to use glTexCoordPointer, and glVertexPointer and glDrawArrays to draw your image. You can use my little 2d library if you want, it gives alot of nice drawing functions, like frames of images like in blitzmax native 2d stuff, a fast image text system, and some other stuff that makes life easyer with 2d,bmx and leadwerks. PM me if you want it edit:ooops that thread is very old...
  11. AnniXa

    new gui stuff =)

    Actually i will write this only in bmx, but i think about changing to c# when my actual project is done.
  12. since you can use any openGL draw functions, even VBO and Vertex/textcoord array drawings, you can really write or port allmost any 2d openGL gui over to LE without any big trouble. Drawing arrays with like 100 quads/tris will not rly steal you FPS.(wich should be more than enough for a good concepted gui system including windows, buttons,texts and stuff) I just tested it with more then 10.000 quads drawn from some arrays with GLdrawarrays() and lost like 1 fps.
  13. AnniXa


    yes, the voice is sexy. was "battle chess" this old dos game with animated figures? that was so cool! This sounds really like a nice "micro managment" battle game to me, since i love Micro managment battles i think i will like this game alot when its done. a Question, since this is whole written in lua, will players be able to "script" it own abilitys or creatures or something this far?
  14. AnniXa

    new gui stuff =)

    Hi Rick The whole gui uses just 1 image in my case, of course you can use more than one if its neccesary, every guicore can have its own "skin" and you can have as much gui cores as you want (in my project i have differend cores for the main menu, the edit mode, the simulation mode, so that i dont need to turn on/off a bunch of windows when i switch between those modes) The buttons, window borders,and all the stuff that the gui needs (expect text) are on this image file (to reduce the needed bindtexture()) calls, also the most stuff is a builded Array for the openGL draw arrays thingy
  15. yea maybe someone knows what the .value field is really for I use my own gui, that i wrote by myself in openGL and ported now over to LeadWerks engine (tbh i rewrite it compleply), (check my block if you want to know more )
  16. AnniXa

    new gui stuff =)

    Today and yesterday i wrote alot of new gui stuff: GuiFrameView, wich is adding just a rect that shows a frame from an timage object to the vertexbuffer of the containing window, This can be a classic max2d like frame or my new IMP frame system. same as a new TextButton, wich is adding 3 rechts, to the buffer, 2 for the both "end piceces" and a stretched one, also it adds a ttexthandle to the buffer. Width can be auto assigned from the text, or manually setted (in this case the text will centrated in the button) Also i added a (not so) simple text lists, that got a buildin support
  17. Maybe this is a thing of taste, i want a tentity button that just dont need any extra stuff/clases then just an entity where it is attached to. Because of the gui should be absolutely independent of the rest game process, and just run with leadwerks itself. But however, thank you for the help and your time alot.
  18. the problem in my case is, that i just cant do this: FreeEntity (MyEntity) MyEntity = Null because there are more than one refers to this entity in my example : 1 is in the type of an "EntityButton" type, a clickable button that is allways located to the entity, and is handled via my gui. 2 is somewhere in the game logic and since i make a strict seperation between my gui stuff and my game logic stuff (because i want to have the gui for itselfs for later projects), do they have a own refer to the same entity. when now somewhere in the game logic the entity is freed, then the
  19. i just tried it like in some example, normaly i use mode 1 =) well i just found out that the ..valid field seems to be set on 0 when freeEntity() is runned, so i use this now to check if the entity was freed I write an "EntityButton" for my gui, some button that can be attached to an entity and wich is updating its position regulary to the entityPos on screen, and since i want a strict split between my gui stuff and my game stuff, i cannot just do myentity= null, because the EntityButton got a field Entity, wich wil not know if i use FreeEntity(), but now i just check on every button p
  20. okay this might help,ty very much. i got it the following now: GCSetMode(2) somewhere at the top, and somewhere in the mainloop GCCollect(). but i still can access it, i think the GC will not clear it until i made it =null (same as with mode 1) i think i just try that loaded field
  21. this is not working to me Since MyEntity still refers to the Entity (even when its not in the world list and stuff anymore), (i also still can acces the .position field and stuff).
  22. Hey guy´s, Another question: When we have some entitys, and we refer to them from my own list or something, can we anyhow test if FreeEntity() was used on that entity, to nullyfy my refer then afterwards? Maybe some field in the entity that is indicating if the entity was freed or something? =) Greetings
  23. Thank you very well for this clearifing example code! I tried that, but since the body is not rotating well into the fly direction this not looked so good. i think thats what i do now =)
  24. Hi =) I have the following scenario: A simple invisible tbody that is flying like bullet throught the world, and now i wanted to attach a bullet or missile mesh to this body, and i wanted to calculate the rotation for the missile depending on the velocity vector of the body thingy, and then apply this rotation to the missile mesh and set it on the position of the body, so that it looks like the missile is flying like the body. But for any reason i cant find out how to calculate the rotation that i need for the missile, since the school is long time ago maybe someone knows a simple way
  25. ty, just checked it more out and found the bug somewhere else =) sometimes its so strange loosing so much time when concentrating onto the wrong problem
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