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  1. omg my friend got more than 2000 FPS with my game, and i got 110fps, is my computer so worse?!

  2. Actually i ported my Gui system from MiniB3d / native OpenGl to LE preamble: since im legastenic and english not my main language, this text could be very ugly to read for you, sorry for this. I will try to improve this in Future posts, but it cost me like 8x concentration to to care about correct spelling, so then i would take 4 hours for this text intead of 10 minuts, please be sorry with me in this case! it was easyier than i thought first, also i just rewrited some stuff that i was not so superhappy in LE with, for expample i wrote my own font and display text managment system, an
  3. Hey, if i create an emitter, how can i remove it later (not just pause it?) I would like to make some effects with temporary emmiters. i tried FreeEntity(emitter:temitter) on that, but this made me a UHE. also the method emmiter.free() did not worked (same problem as freeentity()) Or is it as alternative workaround possible to just spawn a bunch of particles without an emiter? for explosions for example. the last way i see is to have some emmiters and move them to positions of explosions,paint them with material and make settings for the next effect, unpause them for a whil
  4. ah! sorry for my late answer here, it seems that it really happend because of another issue. i had some more joints in the "system" that made that strange behavior, well now i just use the "double joint" trick and it works exacly like i want.
  5. i think the problem is, that the position of the joint is relative to the parent, so it is just not possible that it can handle them exacly same (to reach this must the joint allways be exact between the 2 bodys, but i think this is not possible since i cant change the position of the joint afterwards to set it between the 2 bodys) but maybe im wrong here, thats what i think what it could be. Actually i use the "doppeljointball" solution and its working bether than i expected. i try to make a code sample =)
  6. Hi, this is my newest problem, i try it with this since like 2 days now, and i still get it not working in the way i would like have it to be. Im not sure if i can eplain the problem, since my english is not so perfect... How can i make a joint working so, that it affect the parent and the child in the same kind? Its the following setup: 2 Balls (same weight, same size, all same) and a joint for them both (ball joint as my first tests). When i now apply a force to the first ball (that passed as parent to the createjoinball function) then the second ball (child) is moved ver
  7. okay this is bad, then i need to rewrite my pseudosurface object for leadwerks also
  8. Hey, i would like to copy a surface, since copy mesh - copies seems refer to the same surface. I want to copy a mesh and the copy should have its own surface instances (because i want to modify the surface in runtime, but only for the copied mesh, not for the original). how can i copy a mesh so that it got its own surface instance, instead that 2 meshes uses the same?
  9. ty Dadonic, i think i also need to do this in every update? seems like i not come around doing stuff for all bodys every time ?
  10. I actually programming my first game with LW, and i want it to have some kind of 2d physics, with a pseudo 3d optic (3d meshes but allways seen from same site) is there a easy way to fix all stuff onto a Z row? i mean can we just set some kind of "2d" mode? my actuall ideas was to pack the whole game into 2 flat plates but this is very dirty, otherwise i tryed to set every body onto z = 0.0 in every gameupdate, but this can also be not the best solution. is there any easy way to get this out of the box? =)
  11. okay, i made me a tvec* reference with regexpressions from the .mod folder about all the fields, methods, functions of the vec thingies, Should i post it into the documentation then? need just to rewrite it for bbcode then quick
  12. Is it allowed to post own entry into to LW userwiki?
  13. The problem is, that 3DS is not calculating that the use of UVmap often increases the vertex amount alot,because often differend vertexUV cords are needed for the same XYZ position.
  14. Ah cool thank you very much! this explains all =)
  15. ty, that was worth a try B) i did the same, used the sample with the rotating cube, and just pasted the code from the bmx joint sample in. thats what i get: LW and stuff seems to work fine, also the physics stuff, the cubes falling down, but they are not chained together with joints, like they should, they just fall down, instead of hanging on the "crane" thingie.
  16. ty for your help, i was not able to find any relevant difference between the cpp and the bmx sample. maybe i need to call some init function or something when using joints in bmx?
  17. Hello, i just try to make some bodys with joints together, so i was very lucky to found this example: http://www.leadwerks.com/wiki/index.php?title=CreateJointBall but for any reason even the sample wont work: the cubes are all falling down B) Maybe this is out of date? What do i need to do, for joining the balls together like a chain in the screenshot?
  18. whaa! ok ignore / delete this post. i found the problem, it was the material stuff somewhere else
  19. Hey, i just start with LW, and i wanted to convert some stuff that i wrote with minib3d now to LW, but it seems that it is not possible to access the fields of all the types? when i for example do this: Local mesh:TMesh = CreateCube() Print mesh.CountSurfaces() then i get an error "Unhandled Exception:Attempt to access field or method of Null object" <- somewhere, where it cant be debugged because of missing source. also when i use the function variant with Print CountSurfaces(mesh) the same error appears. Do i forget to include something, or whats wro
  20. sorry for reacitviating this old topic, i just would like to know where i can find this article yet, since its not aviable under that link anymore. since this site http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/Documentation/le2/_/command-reference/2d-drawing/ is also referending to that article.
  21. Okay thank you, i think all worked fine =)
  22. Hi, im sure this is not the right subforum, but i dont know where else i could ask. I just ordered the Engine, but there are only 2 payment methos possible: CC and check, since i dont got a cc, and my bank want a fee of 35(!!!)€ for a check payment to the usa, i would like to ask if there is any other payment method such as paypal or ClickAndBuy or something.
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