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  1. Personally I think it needs a dedicated official implementation, and of course in Lua. It would pay for itself in no time.
  2. zumwalt, Ever good idea has it's time and I think that Gaming has evolved to the point where a new level of realism is being asked for by the masses. Palmer Luckey asked for just $250,000 for his kickstarter and got almost 2.5 million. Such a swell of support can only mean that Gamers see VR as a great new immersive experience.. it may not be for you but surely it would be unwise to rubbish the idea because you tried out some glasses 20 years ago and then lost interest. Remember graphics have come a long way since those days and so have Gamers.
  3. Yes, the Oculus kickstarter campaign was seeking $250,000 and they received almost two and a half million so there is definitely a market there.
  4. Did anyone try it at the GDC? Josh, I can understand this, you have plenty to do to establish Leadwerks 3. But I have to say that there is a lot of indecision currently about the future of Gaming and when a technology offers full immersion in a Game World to the point where it is barely indistinguishable from the Physical world (providing the Art Work is up to scratch) then this is surely the next level. What a let down it must be when you go back to a flat screen. I haven't tried it but I've seen people doing so and they are blown away. Also look at the price.. $300 and the plan is to get it down to $100. Sorry to mention the opposition but Unity have jumped on board with Oculus and several games are now being made especially for the headset. Here is one http://www.kickstart...ry-six-elements
  5. Oculus Rift will be Huge I predict.Better jump on the wave.
  6. When a project is published and executed a black and white Dos screen precedes the program. It would be much better if this could be hidden. I'm also wondering if the program window can be centered on a screen.
  7. How about, make it an .fbx file and import it like any other model? A Terrain tool is yet to be created for Leadwerks 3.
  8. In the Assets dropdown, right click in the grey box and then on new/script.
  9. Sometimes it's necessary to set the boot order in the bios setup.
  10. Best is to have a Win7 disk. From that you can format the hard drive thus removing Win8 and then load on Win7. You will need a product code for Win7.
  11. Thanks, it's a start. I notice that when attached to a camera, it makes the camera slowly but 'continuously' move (when the keys are not pressed).. I tried adding mass to the camera to stop it without success. Any ideas how it can be stabilised?
  12. As Marcus said. Also a standard First person to Third person controller change by keypress.
  13. Oh, also when the program runs the script editor always appears as well as the render screen. Is it possible to turn it off, ie. just have the render screen appear?
  14. Ok, that explanation solved my problem. Not sure what I had managed to do but it's quite separate from DA. now. It would be useful to have an icon for the camera onscreen. Thanks, back to exploring.
  15. Finally exploring Leadwerks 3. I've discovered how to create a project but but when I run the map it always seems to start with the 'Darkness Waits' title and music then shows the scene I have created. I'm not in the Darkness Waits project so where do I either delete or change the title and music? I've looked through lua.start but there's nothing there about loading media.
  16. My purchase was approved. What happens now?

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    2. gordonramp


      That was the plan all along :)

    3. MCP


      Yes, it's just a question of waiting Gordon. It took about a day for Josh to process my order though I am still waiting for the Android extension i bought at the same time.

      An email will be sent telling you your password's been upgraded and also a link to the LE3 installer.

    4. gordonramp
  17. Trying now. Update, Had to download latest nvidia drivers. Everything seems to work. Tried the game. Will explore more tomorrow.
  18. I agree with this completely. Also, Josh has indicated that development of lights and shadows would be too time consuming for 3.0 This is a mistake in my opinion. Even if 3.0 is delayed for some time, they need to be there for the Engine to be taken seriously.
  19. Yes, I've seen a few of them. Certainly the Lua support looks useful. The addon I saw for shadows was for Blobs or pre designed shapes. Not sure if it's serious real time shadows. Some of the space assets there look quite amazing.
  20. @achrystie, It's possible but I think it most likely that Josh has completely misjudged the market. After putting so much energy into getting the LE3 to it's current stage his desire for payback has distorted things. Basically, he has got it wrong. @adshead, I agree.
  21. Of course you can compare, they are both 3D Engines. Yes, a free version could work too but quality Real Time Shadows are the key.
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